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Desc:The nozzle for your home made bullet hose.
Category:Educational, Science & Technology
Tags:3D printer, gun culture, runaway technology, Liberator, can of worms
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Comment count is 12
Suddenly, tabletop Civil War games take an unexpected turn...
if they were going to go with a silly name why didn't they call it the Handsploder
Syd Midnight
"Liberator" already has some history as the name of a shitty homemade insurgent weapon that will probably blow the shooters hand off. The vintage Liberator at least looked cool: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FP-45_Liberator

The barrel magically disappears on the first shot. quality
Oscar Wildcat
This shape is like the platonic solid of trolling. Stars because this is so stupid in it's evil. I hate to yield them here, but the site demands it, no?
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I dont think thats a platonic solid man

Jet Bin Fever
I bet the bullet made it about 15 feet before hitting the ground.
why would anybody use this thing when they can just get a real gun without using a 3D printer
So when the goverment comes to take away all your guns you can still make your own, duh.

Yeah, I find the usual "they a-comin' to git mah guns" wank-fantasy doesn't often come from someone who can connect a regular printer, much less a 2D printer. They also never seem to think that said government thugs wouldn't just confiscate the 3D printer, too. Further, I'd say an actual gun is far easier to conceal or squirrel away than a 3D printer is.

Syd Midnight
This is for when your parents won't let you buy a gun, duh.

Sudan no1
I can't wait for this to blow up in some kid's hand. Lulz.
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