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Desc:Sure seems better than working in a call center.
Tags:Filth, bacteria, Morocco, tanning, gag reflex
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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I got you bro.
Comment count is 11
Oscar Wildcat - 2013-07-08
I learned how to do this from a naked guy I met out in the deep desert in southern Arizona. You stretch and scrape the hide with a flint tool, then soak it in a hot broth of the brains of the animal ( deer in our case ) over the fire. This made a buttery soft leather that was fine indeed, and required nothing more than tools found in the rough.

I think the bird shit is a clever substitute, but clearly we have a different way of looking at things. The average Native American would have been considered very wealthy by these people's standards. As indeed they were.
Mother_Puncher - 2013-07-08
This is weird because Ive been researching this skill all week. Out of all the people in my family who have skills I want to learn the only people who knew how to tan hides are dead.

Does this method save the fur? Does it need to be dehydrated first? How is the broth made? Is it just sharpened flint?

Ive only gotten as far as dehydrating the skin.

rustedmutt - 2013-07-08
My roommate is very good at preserving hide, and it is a fascinating process.

Currently there is a black bear skin, the fleshy-side crusted with salt, hanging in our bathroom. The skull is in the freezer and I'm pretty sure she's planning to use the brains in a tanning process before she cleans up the skull for display.

Oscar Wildcat - 2013-07-09
The broth is just a soup of the brains. It will be naturally gelatinous, but go thick rather than thin. You soak it for a day or so then scraoe and smoke the hide. I seem to remember something about taking the hair off with potassium hydroxide if you want plain leather. You make that from wood ash, natch.

TheOtherCapnS - 2013-07-08
It keeps using phrases like "there's no other way" and "he has to" but c'mon. I'm just not so sure that's the case. Just gotta stand in shit water for three hours, and that's that, huh?

Also if Mr. Shitwater there is making two bucks a day producing materials for leather shoes, then somewhere in that chain is someone or someones getting paid waaaay too much for not standing up to their waists in filth.
La Loco - 2013-07-08
That kid is really handsome. Too bad there aren't better opportunities for dumb, attractive people in his country.
Oscar Wildcat - 2013-07-08
You could film him wallowing in the shit for a few hours and make him an internet porn fetish superstar!

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2013-07-08
We all know you're all too familiar with what pretty boys can do for money, La Loco.

La Loco - 2013-07-09
Tha Suga Rain, what I did in my youth is not admissible in court or poetv.

gmol - 2013-07-08
I met someone whose last name in yiddish meant "tailor", something that used to be a respectable profession. It turned out that the family had deliberately changed it from the word for '"tanner" (which sounded similar).

Tanning was not a respectable profession, as suggested here.
fedex - 2013-07-08
"Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred
Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred

So we tanned his hide when he died, Clyde,
and that's it hanging on the shed."

All together now!"

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