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Desc:Made for a college TV production class in 1998.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:student film, puns, the 90s, doodly doodly doo, Peavey Bandit
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Comment count is 7
Dat stomp box graphic. Also, its good to see baby cakes branched out to film school voice overs.

I can't unhear it!

Say what you will about the rest of this, but the Peavey Bandit is a noble and majestic beast (even in its somewhat inferior looking 90s form).
to be fair, that digitech equipment sounded pretty fucking good back in the day.
For what it did and its price range (it's no Eventide Ultraharmonizer, but it was also not 00) the first couple generations of this stuff was pretty good. The thing is, when it's bypassed it makes everything sound really glassy and weird, I'm pretty sure the signal is always running through the ADC/DAC even when it's bypassed. For a certain kind of sound that I don't relly care for it's great, though, and I keep an RP-1 around just in case.

Oh, and all the hype about that Bad Monkey pedal is true, it's a really good Tube Screamer knockoff for used; of course, that's another sound I don't much care for but it's good on keyboards and you can get a really bad-in-a-good-way, nasal sounding tone if you run the DI output into an amp.

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