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Desc:Messing with a guy while he's working a deli slicer is not cool.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:scare, FUCK YOU, assholes, deli slicer
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Comment count is 19
giygusattack - 2013-07-06
I completely agree with not messing with someone operating a deli slicer, but WHAT IS THIS GUY SO SCARED OF!?
chairsforcheap - 2013-07-06
i dunno but if i had to guess it would be a cunt sneaking up on him with his phone and screaming? Maybe he even has ptsd but since it's french i doubt it (wow)

giygusattack - 2013-07-06
I don't know this guys life story, but I'd think that maybe after the third or fourth time I'd be expecting it.

joelkazoo - 2013-07-06
Getting snuck up on is not something you do to a PTSD sufferer, and you don't need to of been in combat to suffer from it. If you were raised in an environment where everyone has to walk on eggshells to avoid a person's wrath, any sort of sneaking up on a person can trigger that response.

What I'm trying to say is the cameraman's a dick.

baleen - 2013-07-06
I'm thinking this is over hundreds of days and that the guy has been cleaning a lonely basement in a shitty neighborhood for hours by himself.

Adham Nu'man - 2013-07-06
As an ex-MMA almost-Bouncer I can fully appreciate how funny it was when he got scared the 10th time. I pity you fools who can't enjoy this video like I do.

chairsforcheap - 2013-07-06
fucking europe.
memedumpster - 2013-07-06
There wouldn't have been a scaring me with the camera a fourth time. The third time would have been broken camera with face. I would have been saving that up since the second time.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2013-07-06
He does look like a really hard worker though!
Raggamuffin - 2013-07-06
dude, gentle pressure on the shoulder!
paranex - 2013-07-06
He needs to pay J. Walter Weatherman to pose as him so that the next time cameraman sneaks up on him he can start screaming as his arm is ripped off and gushing blood.

"And THAT'S why you don't sneak up on someone using a deli slicer!"
RocketBlender - 2013-07-06
I'd give you all my stars if this wasn't my own video.

That guy - 2013-07-07
I can help.

Binro the Heretic - 2013-07-06
We used to have a young guy where I work who delighted in sneaking up on people and shouting "BAM!" then laughing at their shock and anger.

One morning, he sneaked up on one of the cleaning ladies as she was cleaning a glass display case. When he startled her, she reflexively spun and swung her arms out. Her industrial-sized spray bottle of glass cleaner connected with the side of his face.

The impact was enough to cut the inside of his cheek on his teeth. He had to pack a wet paper towel in his mouth until it stopped bleeding and fill out an incident report with loss prevention.

Cured him of the habit, though.
SixDigitDebt - 2013-07-06

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-07-08
Binro, you're on fire this week! My stars are thine!

Old People - 2013-07-06
Made me laugh! I agree with RocketBlender that fucking with someone when they're operating machinery is not fucking cool, though. When I was down at Academi we had a douchebag who not once but twice tried to spook dudes while they were loading firearms; he was kicked out of the course and banned from the facility.
Burnov - 2013-07-06
About the only thing I found objectionable is the guy being distracted while operating a meat slicer, that's simply dangerous.

With regard to all the other incidents, I mean the guy really needs to stop screaming in such a hilarious manner. I would presume the person filming him would stop if he whipped the camera out of his hands instead of shrieking in such a hilarious way.
RocketBlender - 2013-07-07
I think this pisses me off more than anyone else because I've been cut by one of those slicers. It was a complete dumbass mistake when I was brand new, I made the idiotic assumption that because the slicer was unplugged, it was no longer dangerous, and sliced my hand open pretty badly cleaning it.

Seeing somebody fuck with a person operating one of these things makes me want to slam their face in it.
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