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Desc:Just a normal game mod, definitely not a creepy masturbation tool.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:goth, Vampires, SFW fetish, VTMB
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Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
That was a decent game. Even after playing it years ago + only seeing it now via *this* I actually remember those characters.
What part of V:TM wasn't a creepy masturbation tool? It was based largely on Anne Rice and movies like "The Lost Boys."

I have played this game and it's pretty good for an RPG. There are mods that make it look less like a relic of the CD-ROM era and add a lot of tabletop abilities left out of the original. I recommend picking it up on Steam or GOG the next time there's a sale and finding the relevant downloads.

Besides, panties and all that stuff is no big deal, since there are strip clubs in the game. You're more likely to look at other elements present and go "Holy shit! An answering machine!" and "Oh, god! An Apple IIe!"
Not the game, this mod.

The game is great.

Misread that, thought you said "what part WAS..."

VV could blood bond me any night.

I'm the dumbass who decided to play it for the first time as a Malkavian, so don't bother trying to talk to me about what's actually going on in it.

I only read about the Malkavian version (I'd sunk too much time into the game to play through again at the time), but it does sound like one that's fun, but especially so if you've already got the context of having been through everything once.

I'd never bothered to play it until recently. It'll be interesting to go through it with a more normal character sometime.

I recommend the Tremere. I beat the game twice, first with a Tremere, then later with a Malk; the Tremere game is pretty straightforward, but it has a number of extra quests that the other "normal" characters don't get. You get the same broad gameplay experience as a Toreador or a Gangrel or whatever, and you get some bonus story on the side. Also, Blood Magic f'ing rocks.

Playing as a Nosferatu is also an interesting option; since you can't walk around in the open, the game is VERY different. It's a pain in the ass though, arguably even more of a pain in the ass than playing as a Malkavian (Malkavians have a whacky and downright confusing plot, but the basic gameplay is the same as with any "normal" clan. Playing as a Nossie makes every last quest a chore, and changes the solutions so much that you might as well be playing a different game)

I think the Camarilla mod made the Tremere REALLY powerful. I remember abusing one ability that made my opponents vomit blood.

Jet Bin Fever
Yeah, I played through this game and enjoyed it pretty well. It had some pretty memorable bits in it.
It was fun, had a sense of humor, decent gameplay for its time though it had the feel of a rough-cut.
I missed the old, buggy version. So far the only thing that hasn't worked smoothly with the lastest unofficial patch is that if you stay in the new character menu longer that 5 or 6 minutes at the beginning of a new game it crashed. Smooth sailing since then.

I understand the last few hours of gameplay are kind of pointless and they were obviously forced to rush the ending, though.

Don't get me wrong, I love the game, mostly for its atmosphere. If I were a more competent geek I'd find a way to make it work and play it for a while.

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