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Desc:This is what every person who complains about 'fake nerds' is like, at least on the inside
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:nerd, geek, neckbeard, Fred Armisen, Portlandia
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Comment count is 44
This is us.
Maybe you, but my Hawaiian shirt is way better than that.

^not a joke

I don't have a Hawaiian shirt. Or a video game shirt, or an anime shirt. I feel like I'm forgetting my nerd-heritage :(

So say we all.

I dont play video games really, read comics much or watch movies or into sci fi. I like farming, pokemon games and wood working. I only wear a Hawaiian print shirt when Im in my Miata. I am the %1

I'm a music nerd, which means in a pinch I can pass for a hipster for short periods.

Pope Caius
I'm just an ex-nerd who now hates nerds without even having lost my "can grate cheese using ribcage" physique.

I only wear a hawaiian shirt because I found it at a thrift shop and it's really good quality and has an unusually bold (even for a hawaiian shirt) red-on-blue print that looks like a timeshare salesman smoked DMT.

I think he should have pointed out more of his qualifications as a nerd.

Does he plan his vacations around the museums he can visit?
Does he have a ham radio license? Above technician?
Is he a GitHub and Stack Overflow contributer?
Has he read more than 50 science fiction novels?
Does he know the correct way to install a diode?
How many anime figurines does he own?
Does he know why Grant Morrison is/isn't better than Warren Ellis?
Does he remember the first time a girl actually talked to him?
Is his favorite radio station, "the one that has Dr Demento"?
Does he correct other people's homographs in Internet posts?
Does he know why Will Wright is/isn't better than Sid Meier?
How much Klingon can he speak?
When asked what his favorite fanfic is does he get embarrassed and refuse to answer?

Fake nerds are as annoying as any other variety of poseur.
It's the feigned humility that makes it extra annoying.

It's all passive-aggressive attention whoring. Either one of those things is bad enough on its own already.

Eventually this whole idea of going against the perceived grain to be cool and hip is going to lead to some horrible things being accepted by attractive, socially adept hip people. Furries, adult babies, libertarians. All these are going to be used eventually as a way to exploit an undesirable sub culture into becoming something idealized and glamorized to be hip.
finally, they'll be one of us

one of us.

Caminante Nocturno
Google gobble.

Man, that hat totally works. Is that the secret to those kinds of hats? You just have to put goggles on them?
Caminante Nocturno
No. Goggles on hats only work if you're a Digimon character.

Sanest Man Alive
Or if you're a gyro-captain.

This hurt.

(I'm the one on the right)
Eventing? Is that a brony thing?
I was thinking it might be an SCA reference.

i dunno how to feel
that's the proper nerd reaction.

that feel when...

I think the one on the left was a neighbor of mine that I never saw because it was pre-Internet and neither he nor I came out of our rooms to meet other people.
What's wrong with you nerds? This ain't me at all. Well, maybe I've been a little anti-social the past year....anyway, don't be ashamed, own whatever the fuck you are!
Every time this conversation comes up, I realize a little more that I am not a nerd.

Yeah, sometimes I'll hang out with a group of classic, by the book nerds because of overlapping taste but I find there's a real culture barrier when I do. Something to do with finding humor in repetition, I guess.

Portlandia = racist
It's actually possible for good looking adults to have an anti-social, introverted upbringing that resulted in an interest in sci-fi, fantasy and tech toys.

Maybe you fat losers should give those pretty nerd girls a chance, or are you afraid they'll own you in Smash Bros.?
Nerd girls are always a surprise. There can be anything inside once you unwrap them.

Rockabilly chicks are always the same. All show, no go.

And once they grow up to be pretty, outgoing adults, they cease to be nerds. Being a nerd isn't entirely about what you like or how you act. It's also about how others treat you; specifically it's about being an outcast.

The New Meat
Great attention to detail on the nerd costume, what with the fedora with goggles and neckbeard and everything, but he's not smug enough to be an actual nerd. Sounds like a FAKE to me!
The goggles are a new one to me. Is it some Steampunk fashion explosion?

The New Meat
Yes. Yes, it is.

Five for JohnBaleenMotherHomer.
You're no different from us, Southern boy.

Nerd 'culture' has always had this problem where 'nerd is and insult, but the subculture is exclusive and always trying to outdo each other with whatever obscure knowledge.

Meanwhile, while the mainstream becomes more diversified, more and more people feel like they can't just define themselves as whatever the opposite of 'nerd' is. If you're not regular, then you're that bad thing - 'nerd'. But you aren't because real and true nerds have their precious goggles and need to be a social group as insular as any high school clique well into adulthood.

Won't someone think of the outgoing adults that are attractive and really like Game of Thrones, but haven't read the books? Who are they supposed to go eventing with?
I'm glad I grew up before "nerd culture" was something anyone thought about.

I think you ladies are taking a joke too seriously.

That aside, it's more about what we had experienced growing up rather than trying to maintain a 'clique' in adulthood. Seeing the people that shit on you through your young life, now saying they're the same as you, hurts your soul.

haha you think attractive/outgoing adults go 'eventing!!'

A storm in a glass of water. Punny water.
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