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Desc:Fuzzy Zoeller advises the media on how to congratulate Tiger Woods' Masters' victory.
Category:Sports, Humor
Tags:racism, fuzzy zoeller, tiger woods, collard greens
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Comment count is 15
Honest Abe - 2007-02-04
what a bitter dickface
EvilHomer - 2007-02-04
But... but... fried chicken is delicious...
blackbetta - 2007-02-04
Hey Fuzzy, it's not Tiger's fault you suck.
M-DEEM - 2007-02-05
Would you expect anything else from a man named "Fuzzy"?
boner - 2007-02-05
It's not easy being white
fluffy - 2007-02-05
zatojones - 2007-02-05
Tiger won that tournament at 21 while Fuzzy finished 34th. Eat a dick you fat, washed up fuck.
enjoy - 2007-02-05
He's Halfrican American you racist!
Billy Buttsex - 2007-02-06
Minus four stars for the "ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" finger snap. What an sore loser
BAC - 2007-02-11
can you imagine some of the people behind the camera "the fuck did he just say?"
Stopheles - 2007-05-04
"Little boy"? Douchebag.
tamago - 2007-10-06
I wonder if Joel Robinson regrets calling this douchebag a "great guy."
lowercase0 - 2009-04-16
All races can get behind fried chicken.

But it takes a real man to drop a comment like that and then dash away top speed.
joelkazoo - 2011-07-17
When a WPGA player got into the PGA, Fuzzy wondered aloud to reporters why she couldn't be happy staying in the WPGA because "they got their own nice little game there". And the reporters in the studio laughed and said "what a character!".

The collard greens line sealed this as truly evil.
The Mothership - 2014-09-22
I remember this. It was amazing at the time.
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