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Desc:Even girls act like boys in the presence feces.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:bathroom, feces, flush, toilet humor, faeces
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 10
There are men who work on Wall Street who are probably jerking off to this video. Enjoy.
(violently puffin a cigar after lighting it with a bill because Lincoln's the one that made the US a corporation to pay for the civil war) "You know, turds and teen girls screaming really has always turned me on," said Diane Feinstein.

I will give you 3 bitcoins if you continue this narrative.

I don't live in Dubai and I've got like left on my EBT, but thx.

Ronald reagan looked up from Margaret Thatcher's snatch just long enough to shout, "Me too! We're twinsies!" at an amused Feinstein.

Thank goodness for the digital age. There was a time when such wonders were recorded only in tedious sagas.
Pfft, I've had bigger dingleberries.
This must be one of those schools Oprah built
They're flabbergasted because they are only used to seeing unicorns and rainbows in a girls bathroom.
That turd has the tensile strength of a gold bar.
Jet Bin Fever
I once found a turd larger than this at a grocery store I worked at. We flushed 3 times and then I got a set of plastic cutlery from the staff room and sliced the shit in half like a piece of kielbasa. It swallowed it the 4th time.
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