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Desc:Funny you're the broken one but Riddick is the only one who needed saving
Tags:karaoke, rihanna, crooning, Vin Diesel, Riddick
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Comment count is 12
Nice voice
I really like vin diesel. I think he's a really great guy.
I like him, too. Shame that mic apparently isn't connected to the camera.

Jet Bin Fever
I agree with you. This was touching.

He's buff and manly and also he plays Dungeons & Dragons. What's not to like?

Vin Diesel is a gentle gorilla. He's starred in some real shlocky films, yet he still takes his acting seriously and can, apparently, sing like Nick Cave. It's real shame that people write him off as just another Hollywood blockbuster meatslab, because he's not. He's a meatslab with depth and a gentleness of soul.

I love how Vin Diesel is not the schmuck people assume someone in his position would have to be. I would play D&D with him, and I totally suck. I'd let him be the barbarian, i'd sit back as a priest.

Also i'd have gay sex with him.

brian posehn has a D&D podcast and they are trying REALLY hard to get him to guest on an episode.

And he's been trying to get a film about Hannibal's march made for about ten years now,

That would be an amazing film.

Ahem, I mean COULD.


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