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Desc:Rhymes with anus.
Tags:tits, poetry, rick moranis, blonde, blndsundoll4mj
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Comment count is 12
it feels like im looking into the future of honey boo boo. im going lay down, i feel sick
She'll need more chins & rolls of arm fat.

And Type II diabetes and an abusive alcoholic husband.

Awesome the background is in focus.

Pity about the foreground.
I have too much botox and i must scream.
She's more self aware than I thought, and it seems like the dogs video was some sort of trolling. Does this make her more horrible and gross or less horrible and gross? I really can't tell.
I don't care. I bet this lady is extremely fun to hang out with. So what if she's a tacky aging stripper, those people are fun.

Almost as fun as scrubbing one's eyes with gasoline and a wire brush.

Or brain bleach.

Get a few drinks and she gets all of her tranny friends out and ends up licking pudding off your face and you're singing karaoke at 3am. It'd be totally fun.

Jet Bin Fever
quite a feat, considering her nails

This should at least put the dog brain debate to rest. Ho-hum.
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