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Desc:trolling is a art
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Race, houston, Democracy, trolling
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Comment count is 13
This guy is my new hero.

I wonder if I could achieve the same in Seattle by pretending to be gay.
Ladies and Gentlemen, my home state.
Ah yes. The old "Obama Technique".
Albuquerque Halsey
don't you mean "an" art?
Shouldn't the first letter of a sentence be capitalized.

u mad bro?

EvilHomer, pictured with his BFF:

http://data.whicdn.com/images/11617580/tumblr_lnj77yrSeY1qgls6 3o1_500_thumb.jpg

Binro the Heretic
You see that face? That, folks, is a bona fide shit-eating grin.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Isn't this the opposite of that awful Eddie Murphy movie?
Rodents of Unusual Size
It's called "The Distinguished Gentleman" and yes, it totally is. Only Eddie Murphy is being played by a crotchety old racist white dude.

Also, that was the last movie along with Bowfinger he made that wasn't shitty.

Cockmaster Flash
This should surprise no one, since as we all know, blacks are the true racists in America.
Maybe someday a white man will be able to run for office while being openly white.


Time for an anecdote on workplace racial tensions:

I once worked in a predominately white affluent area in your run of the mill office space cubicle type company. Anyway, acting like the idiots cubicle dwellers do, the shift was almost over and this goofy white dude, started throwing paper balls or erasers at people. It was rather funny to watch people's reactions. However, he made the mistake of throwing the paper ball/eraser at
"Joe", a big 6'2'' black dude reading the newspaper with his back turned to everyone trying to mind his own business. He exploded, stating "WHO THREW THAT AT ME!?". One of the employees, a jew with rampant Aspergers stated "It wasn't me (which it wasn't). "Joe" said "I don't give a fuck if you didn't do it. WHO THREW THAT AT ME!?. Anyways, the goofy white dude slunk back into his cubicle and hid. "Joe" didn't find out who threw the paper ball, and stormed out of the office stating "YOU ALL ARE MESSING WITH THE WRONG NIGGER!", almost in tears. This goofy white guy was scared for his life the following days. Once I snitched to "Joe" who threw the paper ball/eraser, "Joe" approached the goofy white guy in a calm demeanor and shook his hand. The white guy apologized. When management found out, they fired perpetrator of the paper ball/eraser assault. The corporation then put out a memo stating they have a zero-tolerance policy for racism. Oh yeah, another time this internet troll of a white guy turned around in his chair, mad dogged me and said "I'm going to lynch you" (I'm Asian American). I said "I don't care, I have life insurance". Of course "Joe" overheard this and complained to management of being offended by the talk of lynching (rightfully so)... Management reprimanded the internet troll white guy and later he confronts me thinking i'm the one who snitched to management.
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