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Desc:Helpless dogs are subjected to cruel pranks by heartless Japanese malefactors.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Pets & Animals
Tags:dog, food, Japan, Prank, trap door
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 12
rabbaroodor reertreeba
il fiore bel
Man, Japan is full of dicks.

Interesting how the last dog had the brains in that bunch. Though it could have just been hungry (hungrier?).
Is that a Jack Russel Whippet cross?

Shiba inu

The first dog was a Shiba Inu-- the dog with the brains to rip up the door is an Italian Greyhound

the japanese are incapable of human emotion
That's why they have the specially trained "emoting face" facilitators to demonstrate what emotion the TV producers think should be felt by those viewing. These are usually noted then quickly forgotten, however.

Innocent Bystander
What's most heartbreaking is that nearly all the dogs just seem to silently resign to their fate: "Oh, I guess there was no food there after all. Must have been dreaming again. Oh well, it's nothing I'm not used to..."
Food gone
Where go
Much fast
Oscar Wildcat
That was kind of a letdown, but how could I not upvote a video clip of dog hazing?
Herr Matthias
You had me at the Yankee Doodle remix at the beginning.
Jet Bin Fever
People that are mean to dogs get no fucking sympathy from me.
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