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Desc:Was he trying to sign or just pranking everyone?
Tags:sign language, Nelson Mandela
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Comment count is 21
holy shit
Oh for Pete's sake
Scrotum H. Vainglorious

Oscar Wildcat
He's translating the speeches into gang signs, not ASL.
This looks like how an 8-year old would fake sign language. It's that obvious looking.
I know every language has its own type of sign language, and they're all different. Maybe everybody just assumed he was signing in a language other than the one they knew.
infinite zest
I used to work closely with ASL signers for Broadway musicals and I'm coming at this topic as a luddite, but they use a more universal signage rather than signing every word in a song. I don't know English signage anymore than I know African signage, but this looks very similar to what they did.

I studied American Sign Language for four years, and I can tell you that that isn't any sign language at all. It can't be; he repeats the same ~12 signs over and over in various combinations, regardless of what is being said. Also, there are no facial expressions at all, which are probably the most important part of most sign languages.

Basically, it is to any sign language what "CHING CHONG WING WONG!" is to Chinese.

Grandmaster Funk
Close, but not quite.

Give up on the idea of sign languages being in some kind of correspondence, one-to-one or otherwise, with spoken languages. Just think of them as independent languages.

Grandmaster Funk
(Speaking to gravelstudios, not takewithfood.)

Grandmaster Funk
One of the most important demonstrations of this is that ASL is drastically, completely different from British Sign Language.

@GF: Oh, I understand what you mean. I know several people who have studied sign language, and am well aware that ASL is really a completely different language from American English. What I was getting at was your other point, that different sign languages from different places are also completely different.

Herr Matthias
12 signs? Looked like closer to 3 to me.

Jet Bin Fever
He's so Linda Callis, that's for damned sure.
Jet Bin Fever
Lydia Callis, I mean.

That's the final straw. It's time to bring back apartheid.
"Deaf people are saddened to learn that Nelson Mandela pickle hopped the yam bridge with digressive hat monkeys on fester 12"
Adham Nu'man
This guy is brilliant.

Don't worry Deaf people, here's your summary of what was said:
"Mandela was awesome, did a lot of awesome things, he will be missed."
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