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Desc:A friend of a friend posted this on Facebook.
Tags:Vomit, art, flailing, frolicking
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James Woods
5 for uhk.
Holy fucking shit.
Upvote it if you like it (it has like 4 thumbs up total)
we have the shittiest indie music in boston
it's like that xmas jammies video, without the xmas jammies.

by that I mean it make me feel
like violently destroying all persons
involved in the creation of this video.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is nothing like Christmas jammies!

Christmas jammies had: a) humor b) cute kids c) jammies d) people I didn't hate automatically

This just has some art fag version of Jimmy Fallon on a subway. BOOOO!

Also, I love that Kabbage essentially betrayed his friend for our amusement. I have one friend that has posted similar awful shit, and he's trying to be a white rapper from the hood that is whitebread Northern California. But I never posted his stuff because I would feel a pang of guilt.
Pretty sure my friend just knows him through art school somehow, or caught wind of the video through someone he knows.

It's not so much embarrassing as it is just weird as hell, which is why he probably made it. Considering it's public on youtube, he probably wants people to see it (I mean I believe it's the official music video for this band).

I posted it because it is so, so Boston hipster and so, so very art school. I just saw a lot of stuff like this a few years ago.

Please post your rapper friend ROUS

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