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Desc:Smurf breakfast cereal commercial sung to the tune of the March from Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker.
Category:Advertisements, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Smurfs, commercial, cereal, the nutcracker, les schtroumpfs
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Comment count is 14
marshmallow smurfs were left out due to how expensive it would have been to get FDA approval on immortality health benefits.
You do not need an entire village to serve one guy breakfast in bed. These smurfs must be fucking desperate for something to do.
Every so often, Papa Smurf threatens to take them out of his will and leave everything to the Biskitts, until the Smurfs win his affections back. It's a dysfunctional cycle.

Also, notice how they have a whole assembly line to make 30 or 40 boxes at a time, but only one seems to actually be used to make make papa smurf breakfast. Where do the rest of them go?

Papa Smurf makes them destroy the extras. It's part of his sick little game.

infinite zest
Hmm.. judging by the last second, it seems as if this ad was embedded into the show.
Stars for "les schtroumpfs" tag.
I haven't seen this ad since it aired, yet I was able to sing along.
There's video of me at about age 6, running around the house in my underwear, eating Smurfberry Crunch out of the box.

And no, I won't post it to POETV.

il fiore bel
That's okay.

Just toss it up on Youtube and one of us will do the rest.

il fiore bel


Don't deny it. This is totally you.

(What? I don't let little details like 'Youtube capture not existing in 1982' get in the way.)

Was not expecting the udder shot.
Boy, this smurf sure tastes like a pile of smurf.
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