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Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:guns, butts
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Comment count is 10
Oscar Wildcat - 2014-01-16
...and nice strap on to you too, sister.
Cena_mark - 2014-01-16
The shooting range claims to welcome CCWs, but demands you unload upon entering the building. I didn't know HITLER owned a shooting range.
Born in the RSR - 2014-01-16
I'd like someone to make a parallel video about the other gun she left at home staring her neglected son.

Now, he's awkward and maybe has a learning disability or something and after she leaves home, not saying a word to him cos she's in a hurry to get to the office and point at a fake chart, the kid gets the gun and goes on killing spree.

When she's at the office , the kid's shooting up the cafeteria.

When she's at yoga , the kid's shooting up the library.

When she leaves the gun-range , he's shot by the sheriffs department.
The Mothership - 2014-01-16
Would not. I got nothing against guns, but can you imagine sleeping with a woman who needs her purse pistol to enter her kitchen to get her coffee?

Come on ladies, who the hell puts on makeup before breakfast?
Shoebox Joe - 2014-01-16
Nothing says safety than protecting yourself from potential citizens who make slightly above 10,000 annually!
Protoseth - 2014-01-16
Damn damn damn..

I was really hoping this was going to turn into a cautionary tale about how unsafe you are for even an instant without your Glock 42. As soon as she locked her gun-purse away in the yoga center locker I was praying that a dangerous individual would take that moment to pounce! You could go "Blood on the Asphalt" with it, or perhaps the handsome Glock owner from the gun range is in her class instead and they share a good-natured laugh at her naivete while holding the dangerous man subdued and awaiting the police.

And then perhaps we cut to later that night.. a roaring fireplace, two mostly-empty wine glasses, and a pair of suggestively placed Glock 42s, not placed in a manner as to be pornographic, but so that if you understand the language of subtlety, you'll know why we aren't showing the man and lady; They're boning. And then POW! HOME INVASION! Oh no! Did our heroes learn nothing? Never abandon your gun for even for a second! You are never safe!
M-DEEM - 2014-01-17
Coffee, work, kick it with friend, yoga, drycleaner, pistol range, compliment a dude.

Worst thing a about this? Nobody can do that much shit in one day. That's like 14 straight hours of well rounded adult shit right there.
Raggamuffin - 2014-01-17
Heh. I'll just stick with getting around exclusively inside my giant bulletproof hamster wheel, thanks!
Jet Bin Fever - 2014-01-20
Crazyness. It's what you carry. In your brain.
Bus_Aint_Comin - 2015-11-17
what self-respecting gun range neglects to require hearing protection? i call bullshit.

also, .380 is such a fun little caliber, but i wish they chambered full-size pistols in it. all i can find are these little compacts, which feel absolutely terrible in my hand.
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