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Desc:watch instead of Super Bowl
Tags:dracula, NFL, chicken dance, bad lip reading, you smell good
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Comment count is 17
A chair is somewhere to sit.
Adham Nu'man
These are getting old but "THE GHOST IS NEAR" was worth a couple of stars.
Old People
I'd say they're getting better!

Adham Nu'man
The high watermark for me was Romney.

Old People
Weird quirk of two phrases that seem to mean the same thing, but don't: a "high water mark" is the highest recorded level to which waters rise; a "watermark" is like an almost-invisible image or pattern that appears on paper that can be seen when light shines through it. It's like what you see in the corners of banknotes.
Sorry to be nerdy; just trying to square you away.

was the ending edited at all?
infinite zest
I'm guessing it was one of those "we have fun in the locker room" bits, like an attempt at doing the "Shake Dance" or whatever it was called

And just like that, infinite zest became the whitest person here.

Mr. Darcy gave me the giggles for some reason. (1:53)
Brilliant. It's been a long time since I 5-starred something.
Yesterday was a long time ago.

Ah, the good ol' days.

We're clearly all addicted to the sweet rush of approving of things.

Jesus. I have to stop drinking.

Jet Bin Fever
You gain time while drinking? Can I have that problem too?

The Hobo Theater is...different.
pyslexic dharmacist
If you didn't lol at least once, you hate America.
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