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Desc:Anthony 'A-Log' Logatto has some ideas re: musical comedy
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:Chris-Chan, a-log, anthony logatto, NERD FIGHT, unending hallway of ironic mirrors
Submitted:Sexy Duck Cop
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Comment count is 20
Oscar Wildcat
Yasss, A-log, Yassss!
Adham Nu'man
That's a classy tag you got there, and I see great things in its future.
If there's anything sadder than stalkers, it's people who actively stalk said stalkers.
Counterpoint - I hated Chris-Chan, but love this.

I would watch a show about the sort of people who hated Chris-Chan internet-professionally.

Stupid wording on my part. I hated the whole 'Chris-Chan' obsession, but enjoyed watching one of his (motivators/castigators) be embarrassingly awful themselves.

Sexy Duck Cop
You might even say it's an unending hallway of ironic mirrors.

I should clarify a bit too, I find videos like this funny, sad and a bit revealing. I'm talking about when it crosses the prime directive. Chris is Chris, I approve heartily of seeing how sad the lives of people have to be when they need to attack others online.

Chris Chan is mentally retarded.
I honestly don't give a shit if a retard eats his own cum on camera.

The awkward self-loathing idiots that still find the Chris Chan debacle amusing can go fuck themselves.
At least, leave the fucking guy alone and watch in silence. Fooling retards and schizophrenic people on the internet is not fun, it's not funny. It's pathetic.

Sexy Duck Cop
I'm torn on the Chris-Chan issue. While I agree harassing a mentally ill person is repugnant on innumerable levels, Chris' life and character arc are far too interesting and, yes, I'll say it, important to remain undocumented. Even if the Internet never bothered him again, he would still be going on amazing adventures far beyond the scope of his tiny little world, much like a hobbit that couldn't stop masturbating long enough to destroy the One Ring.

No, by now, he's the Internet's Stanford Prison Experiment; we all know what we're doing is wrong, but if we abandon ship at this point, all this suffering would have gone to waste.

I only recently discovered Chris Chan, and I'm fascinated and completely hooked. I would never try to contact him in any way, but there's something about him that just makes you want to know more. If he had any sense, he would sell the rights to his life story and make a mint.

Do we have an 'infinite regress' tag? This could use one.
Sexy Duck Cop
I seriously considered it, but

1) A-Log needs to have a stronger presence here, because my God, Chris-Chan himself saw A-Log as beneath him.

2) NERD FIGHT seriously needs to be a tag.

3) "Unending hallway of ironic mirrors" is the only way I can describe my generation.

Oh what a surprise, he's both fatter and uglier than ChrisChan. His ED page is pretty interesting, too!

I'd put 0 on CWC. He wants it more; tell him there's a woman at stake and he'll pummel the shit out of this kid.

i thought that name was familiar. the video where he watches chris have sex with a blow-up doll is incredibly painful to watch. and yeah, NERD FIGHT!

Sexy Duck Cop
I will do this. I have the resources.

Cherry Pop Culture
How in the Hell do you come across as a bigger loser than Chris-Chan?
Battle not with internet losers lest you become one, I guess.

Turns out that the POE red prime directive wasn't to avoid lawsuits, but to save us from becoming this.

He was a loser well before he started harassing Chris, as his documented WWOEC activity can attest.

Also, I'm pretty sure everyone who's ever come here is a friendless dork. But we're a better class of friendless dork. I think that's the real legacy of the Prime Directive: it allowed us to observe what we were on the brink of becoming, and at the same time preventing us from turning into heartless asswads.

This is what most standup looks like to me.
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