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Desc:guy gets some good sounds out of those buckets.
Tags:drums, drummer, busker, buckets
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Comment count is 13
Squeamish - 2014-02-19
Holy fucking shit.
infinite zest - 2014-02-19

Raggamuffin - 2014-02-19
"I don't have any change."

Comeuppance - 2014-02-19
I once gave a guy for some really good bucket drumming.

This guy would have gotten a .
Spaceman Africa - 2014-02-19
"Hey man play Autechre!"
Cube - 2014-02-20
I, umm... There's better bucket drummers on Youtube, why is this guy so special? Most of the stuff he plays is pretty boring.
PlusDome - 2014-02-20
if you can play drums but can't afford drums, you can do this.

FatFatuousNation - 2014-02-20
Example of better bucket drummer?

That guy - 2014-02-20
drums or stfu

Cube - 2014-02-21
Well, like I said, YouTube.


... And so on.

Of course, if straight up mechanical 4/4 is your thing, then this guy just might be the one for you. I just don't find it interesting.

Old_Zircon - 2014-02-21
I've seen plenty of better bucket drummers in Boston alone. The best one didn't even use drum sticks, just short, fat (maybe 1" diameter and 8 or 9 long) pieces of tree branches he'd gotten at the park.

Also, this guy has more buckets than he needs, he needs two tops. At this point he should at least have a couple cookie sheets for a snare.

He's not BAD but I don't really get why people are all excited about it, he's just playing variations on the Amen break and his phrasing's not that great.

That guy - 2014-02-21
You win this round, Cube.

TeenerTot - 2014-02-21
He's not special, per se. This video showed up in my "recommended" list, and I thought it was worth sharing. Sorry I'm not as savvy at internet busker bucket drummer vids as you.

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