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Desc:From the mockbuster version of The Prince of Egypt.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Mockbuster, Moses: Egypts Great Prince
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Oscar Wildcat
Fuck God in the ass with a #2 lead pencil for burning the cat's tail and tossing it to the alligators.
Well, cats are Satan's creatures (how'd they make it on the Ark?) A rite ascribed to Satanists in medieval times were rituals in which the Devil was summoned in the form of a black cat, at which point the partakers would be directed to kiss the cat under the tail.

Satanism! We kiss cat assholes for power!

Moses, what the hell are those things around your face and did that dog talk what is going on
infinite zest
wow. The Dog is what got to me, even more than the lasers. "Hey since we're making a movie about slaves, let's give the dog a stereotypical 19th century slave voice?!"

"All men are born free."

Who wrote this? Not someone familiar with the Old Testament, that's for sure.
All men may freely submit to Yahweh and follow all of his arbitrary and nonsensical rules or he'll burn down their cities, kill their families, curse their descendents and set them on fire forever in the afterlife. It's the best kind of freedom: the authoritarian kind.

*except those conquered by you, they can be your slaves.

I couldn't stop laughing through this whole clip and I don't really know why
The southern gentleman talking Egyptian god dog is the perfect climax to this.
Billy the Poet
Shelby Foote lives! I mean, he really doesn't, but all things are possible with the LORD.

Pope Caius
Whole movie is in the hopper now: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=132273&what=VOTING
Xenagama Warrior Princess
Moses is a reject from Twilight, it appears.
I've seen Dune. I know how this plays out.
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