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Desc:Includes French, Italian and British. Most fail.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:English, China, accent, Wacky Foreigners!
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Comment count is 12
Some of the don't sound right
Almost none of them sound right, that's why I submitted it. His Italian sounds like it's from the Super Mario Brothers Super Show.

His British accent sounds like my British grandmother trying to do an American accent.

his Russian sounds just like Steve Sutton
Funny enough, I'ds say his biggest failure was the Korean. I never, EVER met a Korea that sounded anything like that when they spoke English in my time there. It was more like a femmy Swedish chef. I think he was basically calling all Koreans fags.
Why is that funny? How many Germans can do a good French accent you racist fucker?

Let's hear your Laplandian, you homophobe!

It's funny in the basis that Korea and Japan have a close relationship, albeit an uneasy one, and neither particularly liek each other, so pointing out the the potential nationalism is funny to me, having lived there myself and hearing both sides opinion of the other.

Blah, I meant Korean and China. Maybe I am racist.

Is this like the opposite of weabooism?
His Korean impression was spot on
Jet Bin Fever
I thought his Chinese at the beginning was pretty good! Very realistic!
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