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Desc:At least give it till they throw the pieces of the bumper into the bushes
Category:Humor, Trailers
Tags:truck, u turn, semi shrubbery
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Comment count is 10
Who hasn't been fucked over by trucks that don't know how to turn? Nobody, that's who!
semi shrubbery indeed....

There was supposed to be a comma but I think i'mma leave it.

Five stars for blind, stupid determination.
The headline on the newspaper seems oddly foreboding as well.
"Give back"
Binro the Heretic
In five to ten years, we'll have fully automated trucking and incidents like this will be relics of a bygone age.

So enjoy it while you can.

In a couple years that sleeper will probably have a battery of natural gas tanks where that trailer is rubbing.

Tough American Bouncer
USA Truck. Nothing stops the truck called USA - except maybe stupidity and the bridge of realities.
I gotta feel for the guy. What do you wanna bet it was his first day?
No kidding. At what point do you just get out and run away.

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