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Desc:"I'm sorry. I'm sorry to bring this up during the mission."
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:MGS, Metal Gear Solid, Raiden, mgs2, colonel
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Comment count is 22
One of the best video game moments ever
Herr Matthias
Too bad things totally go to shit after this.
Herr Matthias
This is also the first time I've ever been told by a video game that I play too many video games.

Also, a useless fact: the rapid-fire Japanese near the end is a list of stations on the Nose Electric Railway line in Osaka (where Konami is based)

This sequence creeped me out the first time I played through it.
Yes. Although it's clever...maybe... This part I think is what made me start to hate this game. I don't need to be made to feel self-conscious of spending too much time on a video game BY the video game.

This sequence exists to simulate Raiden's deelings of being manipulated. I need scissors! 61!
I was a north american fall webworm in my past life.. those were the good old days.
FISSION MAILED! Me and my buddy laughed for about half an hour straight the first time we got there.
Grace Mugabe
I don't mind admitting that this scared the hell out of me when I was playing it..
THIS is why MGS 2 doesn't get enough credit
I rented this, and it was the last night, so I encountered this crap at like 4AM...
Kojima's greatest moment. One of gaming's most intense obliterations of the "fourth wall".
Meatsack Jones
The morphing skull thing during the Rosemary description freaked me out.
-1 because I'm pretty sure Kojima was jerking off when he wrote this.
This part was totally rad. Everything after it sucked big pretentious balls.
Torture the Artist
don't you swordfight the president on a flying turtle after this?

I have got to get this game
Aubrey McFate
Beat this part, then turn the game off. You won't miss anything.
Jojoba Fett
It's art. Thing is, it depends for its power on your having played the game to that point.
Kojima, you so crazy.
This entry in the series has the best play control of any of the games and one of the most head-trippy plots I've ever experienced in a video game.
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