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Desc:A crazy lady draws herself being in love with Louis XVI
Category:Arts, Crime
Tags:louis xvi, Mary Sue, anime sparkles
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 14
I'm torn between making a snide remark and feeling compassion for a clearly deeply lonely woman.
I hope she doesn't lose her head over this.
Pining for long-dead kings is a pretty Revolutionary concept.

Killer Joe
The art was fine.
The German lends just the right amount of extra surrealness.
There's a good deal more of this sort of thing out there.
The internet never fails to amaze me.
Pretty sure I actually sort of know this woman.... wait, no, I'm pretty sure this is a *different* woman who's obsessively in love with the ghost of Louis XVI. That two timing dog!
Pope Caius
This is the one. Warning: Her page is loaded with tons of sparkly gifs.

who are these women, royalists born in the wrong century?

Wow. She spends a whole lot of time thinking about fictional characters she wants her Mary Sue avatar to fuck.

Wrong king. The one I was thinking of was Louis XIII. She's in a committed relationship with his spirit. (No trollz plz.)

I would totally plow Joan of Arc, but I think a monarch would be overdoing it a bit.

Next time I'm at a party or in a bar with strangers, I'm throwing EvilHomer's line into the mix, without context or explanation.

Why am I not surprised that he'd go for the historical apotheosis of the crazy chick.

Crazy AND a tomboy! Plus, she's a French witch, I'm an English pig, there'd all kinds of hot angry tension between us. It would be perfect.

I blame Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Stars for the Louis XIII lady and her picture of Louis knitting a sweater.

Jet Bin Fever
Gets pretty NSFW in there, by the way. I'm glad she gave him a big gut at least.
Macho Nacho
Someday I'm gonna make a movie about a crazy person and their obsession with a fictional/ dead person.

Unless there's already a movie made about that.
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