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Desc:Don't forget, you can skip to about 1:40, everything before it is irrelephant
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:elephant, mind of elephant god, tasty elephant snax
Submitted:infinite zest
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Comment count is 11
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
wtf is that shit about god at the beginnng!?

Video in this link makes my point for me..

Let me know when elephants build an atomic bomb, then I'll care what they think about things.

Oscar Wildcat
When an elephant stares into a mirror, no Saint stares back out.

infinite zest
I think this is from a show that was founded on "oh shit they're going to make another Cosmos." From the episode list it goes into a lot more than space and god and into those questions that we're all asking ourselves, like "How Do Aliens Think" and "Is Luck Real?"

Kinda sounds like a Mythbusters but for larger philosophical inquiries. If I was at a hotel with nothing else to do, I'd probably watch it.

infinite zest
Oh yeah sorry about the pachy video quality :)

Research into elephants praising Jesus, endorsed by Louie Giglio

Someone needs to design an experiment to explain why humans find it so hard to accept just how self aware a lot of animals appear to be if you actually pay a little attention.
infinite zest
I've tried it with my cats and dogs before, but they're just like "eh.." once they figure out it's them. I've never seen a cat check itself out in the mirror after grooming, and Betta fish will actually attack itself if it sees itself reflected in a mirror. If I do something drastic like get a style-changing haircut and pass a mirror without knowing it, like in a bathroom I'm not used to, I do a double-take sometimes too, like "who's that guy? Oh yeah."

I've seen this done with chimps, dolphins and other usual suspects. I'm sure there is some (currently) ill-defined threshold on self-awareness, which more and more animals that we eat, starve and/or work to death are crossing.

Elephants look at the inside of their mouths and the bottom of their feet when presented with their reflection, so ALIENS EXIST AND THEY WORSHIP GOD!
We may have proved both of those statements true, but where is the evidence they are related?

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