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Desc:Animation of perfectly timed trains bringing sad lonely men to ... well something
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:animation, Trains, WTF Japan
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Comment count is 12
This was my last Saturday.
Sanest Man Alive
Train Forced Loneliness?
What the hell did I just watch?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I'm glad the Japanese haven't lost their ability to completely wtf me out.
Billy the Poet
What the hell was THAT?
I think it was an allegory for Japanese Nationalists reaching out to 'hibiki'.

Either that or just fucked up video with trains.

I wouldnt imagine a steering wheel would work very well on a train.
unknown specimen
This reminds me so much of the Usavich shorts that were on here ages ago. I wonder if it's the same people.
What the hell??
Japanese pop culture has become such a parody of itself, it's impossible to tell anymore.
I really liked this.
Jet Bin Fever
Makes sense to me.
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