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Desc:'Welcome aboard, Captain.'
Category:Advertisements, Science & Technology
Tags:star trek, Sega, Enterprise, vector, Sam Palahnuk
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Comment count is 12
infinite zest
BRB, going to Musicland. Need anything while I'm out?
Oscar Wildcat
I remember this game. It's quite a feat to pack all that into 4K.

the arcade version was pretty cool
That was one smug prick at the end.
That guy
He's been like that every minute of his life since that shoot.

YOU GAVE AWAY THE ENDING! Now I know that when Nomad explodes, the universe has a rainbow orgasm.
Jimmy Labatt
Seriously you're going to make the "ultimate enemy" fucking NOMAD?? Oh yeah forget Khan or the planet destroyer; we're going to pit you against a floating tin can Kirk talked into destroying itself. Nice job, Sega.
staaaaaar trek the gaaaaaame

lock photoooooons

blast klingooooooons

staaaaaaar trek from seeeeega

get a freeeeeee star trek poster when you play sega's staaaaar trek
Jet Bin Fever
And every ship looks like a pixelated dick.
Use your "joy stick" to control your pixelated penis, shooting white blasts at each other until the screen erupts in rainbows.

Sega was trying to program children into becoming gay.

Fuck you, Kid-Spock, you cocky prick.
Because that guy with the pointy ears from that show used to say that same thing ALL THE TIME.
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