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Desc:No video, but features plenty of concept art and a recent photo of the man himself.
Category:Arts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:webcomics, kickstarter, Gonterman, Kickstarters of the Elder Gods
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Comment count is 11
Just knowing Gonterman is still at it put a big smile on my face. I didn't even read his plea, but saw that he has some mouse ripping off Kingdom Hearts. Keep at it you brilliant bus stop.
No no no, you need to read the plea.

He catalogues in fine detail everything he is ripping off. The plot is miraculous. It seems so sincere that I don't want to make fun of him, but read it.

I hope he includes some self insertion. He no longer can get away with h that old barrel chested design for himself, but he'll probably still use it.

Always a treat when an old-school POE Red exhibit resurfaces from the aether of time....
The Mothership
I just found the Gonterman tribute page. I clicked on a random comic link, and there it was, a Ken Penders reference!

"Wait till I get my hands on Ken Penders! I'm gonna personally make him a eunic (sic)"

Yeah, the Ken Penders thing was what prompted me to look Daveykins up again! I assumed he'd died sometime in the early 2000s, but no, he's back, and he's busy as ever.

(the classic Gonterman Shrine, for anyone here who hasn't seen it:

http://www.commuterbarnacle.com/gonterman/ )

Caminante Nocturno
David Gonterman is the Ed Wood of the Internet.
David Gonterman was the web's biggest Lolcow until CWC showed up.

Please don't say "lolcow," I'm trying to eat breakfast.

Good news, everyone! The Kickstarter might have failed, but that didn't stop Daveykins from from going ahead with this project anyway. You can read the ongoing saga on his very much active DA page:


He's apparently spent the last few years slowly returning to webcomics and trying to rehabilitate his image - even going so far as to hire one of those internet reputation firms (fat load of good they do). He's issued public apologies for his earlier work and swears he's turned over a new leaf, but fortunately his distinctive artstyle doesn't appear to have changed much, and he still has a frighteningly cavalier attitude towards spelling and grammar.
The New Meat
It's an absolute crime that this wasn't funded. Gonterman was there when it all started, one of the great firsts of Internet atrocity tourism culture. Do kids today have no respect for their heritage?
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