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Desc:Everything explodes.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:explosion, up, Michael Bay, lens flare
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Comment count is 10
Jack Dalton
His most personal film.
Sanest Man Alive
It only lacked the little Asian kid doing or saying something wacky and stereotypically Asian.

Stars for the post-title bit.
Where's the racism for fuck's sake?

Spaceman Africa
michael bay sure like explosions huh?

Sometimes he likes that guy from Depeche Mode saying "No" a lot too. Next up, that M Knight fella seems to putting twists in his shit movies.

Fuck you, this is funny.

infinite zest
Making fun of Bay is pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel; it wouldn't surprise me if there was a MICHAEL BAY THE MOVIE in the works, like for real, sort of like JCVD that's very self-aware. Read my other comments in defense of Bay, but when something's spot-on, it's spot-on. This was one of those things.

Prefer Russ Meyer's.
A noticeable improvement.
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