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Desc:Is this an accurate representation of Tulsa?
Category:Advertisements, Nature & Places
Tags:ads, pizza, HoneydewWilkins, Tulsa, ladies of the night
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Comment count is 3
Anaxagoras - 2014-08-27
Submitter: it's pretty close. It needs more condescending back-handed hatred of others, where "others" = gays, blacks, liberals, and everyone else that isn't a good, wholesome Oklahoman.

If you want a more full-throated visceral hatred of others, you'll need to travel south to OKC. Tulsa's got too much money (by Oklahoman standards) for that.
TimidAres - 2014-08-27
I spent 3 weeks in OKC on a holiday to see friends (long story).
It was kinda depressing.
There was a place called "Bricktown" there, and it was alright, but the rest of the surrounding areas were just giant slums, novelty strip malls, and industrial areas that looked like they hadnt seen business since the 60s.
The people were nice, for the most part. Very fat, but nice.

Sort of like Silent Hill, but with the Clampetts.

Hailey2006 - 2014-08-28
Yeah, because everyone wants explosions or disco ducks for their shitty videos!
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