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Desc:shits on Reagan, among other things.
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:1984, reagan, harlan ellison
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Comment count is 12
fluffy - 2014-09-03
Before he was a crotchety old man, he was a crotchety young man.
That guy - 2014-09-03
Nice. But maybe the Harlan tag is misspelled?
Born in the RSR - 2014-09-03

boner - 2014-09-03
+1 for the Marty McFly vest and the Marty McFly hair.
EvilHomer - 2014-09-03
Kids growing up today are going to read 1984 and wonder what the big deal was.
Nominal - 2014-09-03
Kids have always read Brave New World and wondered what the big deal was.

EvilHomer - 2014-09-03
It's funny you mention that, because the first time I read Brave New World, my teacher asked us to write a paper on it, and that was my initial reaction too.

Waugh - 2014-09-04

yogarfield - 2015-02-18

OxygenThief - 2014-09-03
Harlan Ellison was considered a sex symbol in the 70s. That is how fucked up that decade was.
Waugh - 2014-09-04
ok what do i know. ellison is probably a saint, and robbin williams deserved to die. makes sense.
eatenmyeyes - 2015-02-17
Oh, Harlan.
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