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Desc:Let's set the record straight. We just want to tell you what you're allowed to say.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:Corruption, tomorrow belongs to me, entitlement, #Gamergate
Submitted:John Holmes Motherfucker
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Comment count is 66
sasazuka - 2014-09-17
I've been ignoring the whole GamerGate brouhaha having no personal interest in Zoe Quinn, Depression Quest, or the journalistic integrity of Kotaku, but I admit I got a chuckle out of "oreintation" [sic].
EvilHomer - 2014-09-17
Yeah, I don't get this at all. What's the deal here, Mr Holmes?
Kid Fenris - 2014-09-17
Gamers got mad because a woman made a video game about depression and another woman told them that games are kinda sexist.

But but BUT the woman who made Depression Quest might've cheated on her boyfriend with some Kotaku editors, which led all the True Gamers to accuse game journalismists of being corrupt Social Justice Warriors and Feminist Thugs who want to ruin games forever.

Oh, and the Gamers harassed women over this, because GamerGate is about integrity and not misogyny.

The best part of this is watching Breitbart slugs suck up to a desperate GamerGate crowd just as sleazily as they court your right-wing uncle who no one wants to sit near when Thanksgiving rolls around. I hope Alex Jones gets involved next.

spikestoyiu - 2014-09-17
I'm not at all involved in any of this because I'm an adult but I'm pretty confident that nobody gives a shit that a woman made a barely visible videogame.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-17
Just came back from dinner stopped at home to get my pills. Friend waiting in the car, I'll be back later

#GamerGate is fucked in the head because:

1. It pushes a narrative of gossip and speculation in the name of "journalistic standards". WTF

2. It objects to sites "censoring" libelous personal information from their comments for the sake of "journalistic standards" In the real world, that's called "editing", and it's where journalstic standards come from.

3. While we're all typing out fingers to the bone on our super duper hashtag so that sites won't "censor" comments, and we're against censorship, here is your list of approved topics.

Best part is that there are no concrete demands. This will allow them to keep the party going and to tweak it periodically according to the demands of the tantrum du jour.

StanleyPain - 2014-09-17
Here is the summary:

Basement dwelling shitheads are upset that a woman dared voice an opinion on sexism in gaming. One of Zoe Quinn's ex-boyfriends decided to use his person grudge against her to leak nude photos of her, slut-shame her on reddit, and claim that she was sleeping with people to get positive reviews for her game Depression QUest, despite the fact none of the people he claims she slept with actually reviewed her game.

Butthurt MRA types try to use this as some sort of clarion call for INJUSTICE AGAINST THE MENZ and create #gamergate as a means to attack all women who dare voice opinions on games as being part of some kind of anti-speech cabal. reddit portrays #gamergate as some kind of unorganized thing that came about because of the mass outrage everywhere at horrible women like Zoe Quinn who have oppressed men for far too long. Quinn then lurks on reddit and in the reddit IRC channel being used by #gamergate and drops the fucking hammer by screen-capturing everything she comes across revealing that this is not remotely some spontaneous expression of outrage over misandry, but rather her ex and a group of others calculating a specific campaign to humiliate her, threaten her career, attempt to organize crimes against her (robbery, vandalism, hacking, etc.). In an attempt to come off like they somehow have nothing to hide, the reddit group releases all kinds of info they apparently think will make them look like the victims of all this and instead end up release all sort of chatlogs that reveal a near endless campaign of vitriol and misogynistic hatred directed towards her and other female figures in gaming despite their claims this had nothing to do with being hateful towards women.

MacGyver Style Bomb - 2014-09-17
Keep in mind, the idiots behind this are the ones who act like Anita Sarkeesian is hiding under their beds, waiting for the chance to come out and take away their copies of Dragon's Crown.

Scrimmjob - 2014-09-17
I don't think the nudes were 'leaked' by the boyfriend, and they all seem to have pornsite watermarks on them. Which leads me to believe they were just on some d-list porn site waiting to be found.

Fezren - 2014-09-17
As I understand it, Gamergate is about a somewhat large-scale collusion benefitting video game journalists, reviewers, and developers that allegedly committed theft, fraud, racketeering, and unethical journalism.

It seems somewhat compelling to me, although there is no real proof of any illegality or else I would assume some of the accused would have been brought up on formal charges.

What seems to have pissed off the "gamers" is that the accused persons, when confronted, published several articles to shift the topic to feminism and harassment.

However, a part of the group I'm referring to as "gamers" isn't exactly your standard anti-feminism troll crowd. In response the "gamers" have created a twitter account to rebuff the accusations called #notyourshield that I thought was convincing. Yet another part of the "gamers" group, on the other hand, did participate in a coordinated plan of harassment, validating claims of bigotry.

In summary I think there was probably some shady stuff going on among the colluders, but I don't really give a shit because Kotaku isn't exactly The Wall Street Journal. I did however realize that despite being a huge video game nerd for the last 25+ years, I really sort of hate the entire industry and community.

Caminante Nocturno - 2014-09-17
Websites that talk about video games spent the last few years badmouthing their readers for the sake of people who walked right out of a Portlandia sketch, and now that they're paying for it, they've decided to go out in a blaze of hurt feelings and college-level moral grandstanding.

That guy - 2014-09-17
I know very, very little about this. But for once I'm going to exercise my optimism. Best possible outcomes:

1) Game journalism dies. All that is left is bloggers without advance releases.

2) The game industry takes a horrible beating or dies for all the fucking and sucking they did to nascent game journalism in the past 20 years.

3) People stop talking about games as art.

4) Games stop being pron unless they're actual porn games, in which case they need to do that shit right. Womyn stop double-standarding the shit out of male fantasies vs female fantasies. Everyone grows the fuck up.

5) We move the shittier half of the True Gamers and the Tumblr Crusaders to an island. The island somehow accidentally is used for a nuclear test and everyone feels really sad about how all those people died.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18
>>> In an attempt to come off like they somehow have nothing to hide, the reddit group releases all kinds of info they apparently think will make them look like the victims of all this and instead end up release all sort of chatlogs that reveal a near endless campaign of vitriol and misogynistic hatred directed towards her and other female figures in gaming despite their claims this had nothing to do with being hateful towards women.r

Zoe Quinn monitored the chat for three days and released her records. The group released the chat logs later.

>>Websites that talk about video games spent the last few years badmouthing their readers for the sake of people who walked right out of a Portlandia sketch, and now that they're paying for it, they've decided to go out in a blaze of hurt feelings and college-level moral grandstanding.

If these entitled bitches are their readers, I'm pretty sure they were blocking the ads anyway.

Fezren - 2014-09-18
To focus on the harassment and misogyny leveled at Zoe Quinn is to take a narrow-sighted view of Gamergate.

Not everybody upset about it are feminist trolls. Just because Zoe Quinn receives harassment from a vocal minority of gamers doesn't mean that everyone concerned about allegations of bribery, theft, fraud, and fucking racketeering is a misogynist. She was receiving harassment before Gamergate ever existed, and she will receive it when the whole retarded thing is over.

The worst allegations weren't even aimed at Zoe Quinn.

Rather than exonerate themselves, they accused everyone of being a bigot. That's just not true, and that's why there are a lot of people pissed off. It's Social Justice gone mad.

Adham Nu'man - 2014-09-18
Jesus Christ Fezren, everyone knows there is rampant corruption in the videogame review industry. Said corruption is mainly by major publishers like Activision and Electronic Arts paying LARGE SUMS OF MONEY to big websites to buy reviews whose score factor into the average score on review aggregators like Metacritic. Major contracts for AAA games often include clauses where more money is shelled out to the developer if the game achieves an average score of X $ amount on Metacritic (as evidenced by Activision's contract with Bungie for Destiny that was recently brought into the public eye). This HUGE CORRUPTION has nothing to do with some dork gamer chick who sleeps with a Kotaku reviewer. Note that because Kotaku's reviews don't have a numerical score Metacritic doesn't even take them into account, so Kotaku is pretty much a worthless website for most Game Publishers who really care more about that important average score on aggregators.

There is nothing relevant about this story at all EXCEPT for the fact that insane people started actually harassing someone IN REAL LIFE over some minor insignificant game because they believe the creator to be "a slut".

According to you these people are a vocal minority, but the fact that people like you don't go "shit, this is pathetic, I play videogames and these shitheads don't represent me" but rather go "well, the whole Zoey thing is not really important, there are more important things at stake like Journalistic Integrity!" is clear evidence that a large slice of the gaming market is still made up by retarded babymen.

I don't have any personal agenda in defending the honor of this woman whose game I will never play. She might be a talentless hack and she might be a promiscuous girl and an unfaithful partner and whatnot, but the fact that people like you actually justify and downplay real life harassment over some stupid shit is evidence of the incredibly low common denominator that makes up a large portion of the gaming market.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-19
>> Just because Zoe Quinn receives harassment from a vocal minority of gamers doesn't mean that everyone concerned about allegations of bribery, theft, fraud, and fucking racketeering is a misogynist.

I'm aware of that. There are actually quite a few well-meaning idiots. I've chatted with them.

EvilHomer - 2014-09-17

Chapter 10: LEVEL 9: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

After a dose of the Fairy Godmotherís healing magic, Adam was now ready to travel to the next fandom. He jumped into the next portal, which took him to the My Little Pony: Friendship is magic fandom.

**My Little Pony theme music plays**

Adam was now in the realm of Equestria, the home realm of anthromorphic ponies. He was in its capital, Canterlot.

Adam: So, Iím in the My Little Pony fandom. Started off as something very girly into something very popular on the internet.

Adam flashed and became

Legendary Brainiac

Adam became his MLP sona; Legendary Brainiac, or just Legendary for short.

The city of Canterlot somehow was a weird and distorted place. Most of the buildings looked wonky and strange, and the residents were dirty and scruffy. The flowers squirted water and rivers had gunge that was very colourful but very thick and disgusting. It wasnít usually like that. Canterlot was usually a neat and sophisticated place. Legendary was getting confused.

Legendary: Ok, am I in the My Little Pony universe or am I in Wonderland? Because this place is weird.

All the ponies turned to look at Legendary, noticing he is an alicorn.

Male Pony: An Alicorn?

Young female pony: Oh my god, heís a mary sue!

All ponies: *chanting* Mary sue! Mary sue!

Legendary panicked and tried to get away, then pegasus ponies started to swoop down of him, chanting ďMary sue!Ē. There was no escape and Legendary was getting scared, thinking what they are going to do with him. Either cut off his horn or his wings, or maybe both. Legendary cowered untilÖ


An echoing female voice came from a burst of light. Behind Legendary was Princess Celestia. She used beams of light to ward the ponies away from Legendary. She then walked to him.

Celestia: Are you alright?

Legendary: Yeah. Thanks! I thought I was a goner!

Celestia: Glad to help you out. I am Princess Celestia and I am the ruler of Equestria. Welcome! What is your name?

Legendary: Iím Legendary Brainiac, or Legendary for short. I know I donít live up to my first name at all apart from being an alicorn. Everypony thinks Iím a mary sue and bully me because of it. Itís so hurtful. However, I do live up to my surname as I like doing silly experiments.

Celestia: Iím so sorry to hear everypony bullies you Legendary. I donít think you are a mary sue. If you were, you would delight in annoying everypony. I think itís a pleasure to meet you, but I seek your assistance.

Legendary: What is it? Is it because of the upcoming apocalypse?

Celestia: Not only that but something else. Please, come to my palace and I will explain everything to you.

Legendary followed Celestia to her palace. He entered and wanted to know what Celestia wants from him.

Legendary: What exactly do you want from me your highness?

Celestia: I am actually glad to have encountered an another alicorn pony like you Legendary because the spirit of chaos, Discord has ruled Equestria.

Legendary: He ruled Equestria? He must have one of the diamond keys of justice.

Celestia: That is right. With that key, he brainwashed all my six students, the mane 6 and also he changed my sister, Luna back into the demon mare, Nightmare Moon.

Legendary: Are you kidding? He did that?

Celestia: Iím afraid he did.

Legendary: Thatís not good. I never liked Discord.

Celestia: Iím glad youíre here too. Will you be able to break the spell on my students?

Legendary: Yes I will your highness. I will try for you.

Celestia: Excellent. You are Equestriaís final hope now Legendary. I will lead you to the first area where one of the mane 6 is. Fluttershy, who holds the element of kindness is in the Everfree forest. Be warned, Discord made her cruel so she will bully you.

Legendary: Iím not letting anypony bully me this time. I will snap Fluttershy out of that abominationís bonds.

Celestia: Good, then good luck Legendary.

Legendary flew out of the palace and made his way to the Everfree forest. He arrived there and explored it. It was a dark and mysterious place. Legendary walked in the dark forest and he walked through strange blue leaves. Little did he know it was the Poison Joke plant. Anyone who crosses it, will have something weird happening to them.

When he walked out of it, Legendary felt strange, he felt something growing on his nose, it was a moustache, then his body colour turned green, his mane turned to that of Rita Repulsaís hairstyle, his wings turned to that of dragonís wings, his horn had a ball on top of it and his tail turned to that of a spring.

Legendary: Vhat iz happening to me?

Legendary covered his mouth finding he had a strong German accent. He felt rather embarrassed that he walked through strange plants that turned him weird. All the animals there laughed at him.

Legendary: How am I zupposed to change back?

Legendary found a healing apple and the good news is it changed him back to normal now.

Legendary: Ah, thatís much better.

He noticed a lot of scared animals were running from the forest, and deep in the forest, was a scream that shouted ďYouíre going to LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ē

Legendary heard the scream and went deeper in the forest, and he found a dull coloured pony who looked really cruel and cold hearted. It was Fluttershy. Usually, Fluttershy was shy, quiet, kind hearted and adores animals, but Discord made her the exact opposite. She noticed Legendary.

Fluttershy: Oh look what the cat dragged in! An alicorn! Alicorns are mary sues and mary sues are stupid!

Legendary: Discrimination much?

Fluttershy: Youíre stupid, and youíre pathetic! Youíre a freak!

She slapped Legendary, and instead of breaking down into tears, Legendary began to get angry.

Legendary: How dare you bully me! Iíll bully you back and see how you like it!

Fluttershy: Oh you think youíre so tough! Come and fight me if youíre stallion enough!

Legendary: Bring it on Flutterbitch!

MINI BOSS: Discorded Fluttershy

Fluttershy flapped her wings and started to swoop at Legendary, but he disappeared with his magic and reappeared. He leaped into the air and stomped on Fluttershy on the head.

Fluttershy: Hey Legendary, what's soaking wet and clueless? Your face!

She threw a bucket of water at Legendary, which angered him. He charged after Fluttershy with a magical aura, and pushing her.

Both Legendary and Fluttershy scuffled, until Legendary grabbed her mane, which caused to scream in pain, then he spun her around and slammed her onto a tree.

Fluttershy snarled and Legendary in the air fired magical bolts with his horn, which some bolts did hit her and burnt her wings.

Legendary finished her off when he stomped on her on the head. With Fluttershy dizzy, Legendaryís horn began to glow. He charged at Fluttershy and the spell Discord cast on her, was broken.

Fluttershy was more better coloured this time. She had her light yellow colour and her mane was pink again. She got up feeling confused.

Fluttershy: What, what happened? Where am I?

She noticed Legendary next to her.

Fluttershy: Um, hi?.... Whatís happening?

Legendary: Sorry to tell you but Discord brainwashed you and he turned you into a bully.

Fluttershy: What? He did? But heís not so bad once you get to know him.

Legendary: I think youíll find youíre wrong. He brainwashed you like he did in season 2 and made you bully me.

Fluttershy: But heÖ

Before Fluttershy could continue, Princess Celestia appeared.

Celestia: Iím afraid Legendary is right Fluttershy. You were tricked and manipulated by Discord. You think heís on your side but heís not.

Fluttershy: But how can this be?

Celestia: Discord is nothing but trouble Fluttershy. Iím sorry but you need to accept it, and also you need to apologize to Legendary for bullying him.

Fluttershy felt guilty for hurting Legendary and is nearly breaking down into tears.

Fluttershy: Iím so sorry! Iím so sorry!!

Legendary: Donít sweat it Fluttershy. It wasnít entirely your fault.

Celestia: I suggest you come to my palace so you can recover.

Fluttershy: Youíre right. Thanks anyway Legendary.

Fluttershy flew out of the forest to Celestiaís palace.

Celestia: Thank you for returning Fluttershy Legendary, but your quest is still far from over. 5 more of the mane six is still under Discordís bonds and my sister Luna as Nightmare Moon along with Discord will rule Equestria unless you can restore them soon.

Legendary: Iím still on it your highness.

Suddenly, a giant dark cloud hovered above Legendary and Celestia and it rained on them. It was caused by Rainbow Dash, who was also under Discordís spell.


Celestia: Thatís Rainbow Dash. She holds the element of Loyalty. Under Discordís spell, Rainbow has betrayed us all.

Legendary: Not for much longer!

Legendary flew into the air and chased after Rainbow Dash. It was a climatic chase. Rainbow Dash was the fastest pegasus in Equestria so it was very difficult for Legendary to keep up with her. However, he did have an idea.

Legendaryís horn began to glow, and the clouds became solid, so Rainbow Dash had no where else to run. She then turned to look at Legendary.

Rainbow Dash: You want me to side back with those losers donít you!

Legendary: You got that right!

Rainbow Dash: Well I belong to Discord now! Heís my master!

Legendary: But not for long!

MINI BOSS: Discorded Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash zoomed, leaving a trail of black, white and grey stripes, opposite to the rainbow. Legendary avoided Rainbow Dash. His horn glowed and solid clouds flew at Rainbow Dash, which some did hit her.

Rainbow Dash then did her ďRainblow dryĒ which was a black, grey and white tornado, which sucked all the clouds and sucked Legendary as well and flew him, but not far away luckilly.

He started to swoop while covered in an aura of magic, zapping Rainbow Dash.

Legendary started firing fireballs with his horn and some did hit Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash then preformed her ďRainblow DryĒ again. Legendaryís horn glew and changed a cloud into a rock. Legendary picked it up and threw it at Rainbow Dash, which knocked her out and started falling. Rainbow Dash in her brainwashed state has been defeated, now all Legendary needs to do was snap her out of it.

She landed in an apple farm. Legendaryís horn glew brighter and charged at Rainbow Dash and the flash broke Discordís spell on her.

She woke up feeling confused.

Rainbow Dash: Ah man, where am I?

Legendary: Discord brainwashed you into betraying your friends.

Rainbow Dash: He what? Oh that asshole! Just wait til I get my hooves on him! Anyway, thanks for bringing me back.

Legendary: Where are we anyway?

Rainbow Dash: Thatís Applejackís apple farm; Sweet Apple Acres. Discord will probably got her as well.

Legendary: What element does she hold?

Rainbow Dash: She holds the element of Honesty.

Legendary: I guess Discord will probably turned her into a liar. I wonder if her nose is growing.

Rainbow Dash: Uhh, ponies donít have noses, they have nostrils.

Legendary: Well either way, letís get Applejack back.

Rainbow Dash: You said it!

Legendary has a new partner on his side for that part of the mission, which made him happy. Just then, Applejack in her brainwashed form arrived.

Applejack: What are yer ponies doiní on mah farm?

Rainbow Dash: ApplejackÖ

Legendary: Donít tell me Discord got you too.

Applejack: He didnít get me, and ah know the apocalypse ainít gonna happen.

Rainbow Dash: I can tell youíre lying Liarjack!

Legendary: And you need to snap out of Discordís bonds and come back to Celestiaís side.

Applejack: But ah already defeated Discord. Ah swear!

Rainbow Dash: If we must do this the hard way, weíll do this the hard way!

Legendary: Agreed!

MINI BOSS: Discorded Applejack

Rainbow Dash started the battle by swooping at Applejack. This time, the trail was truly rainbow coloured. Applejack drew out her lasso and attempted to catch Rainbow Dash with it.

Legendary fired some magical bolts at Applejack as she was distracted by Rainbow Dash. Applejack kicked Legendary from behind.

Rainbow Dash dash then used her Rainblow Dry attack and of course this time it was rainbow coloured rather than black, grey and white. It sucked Applejack and slammed her onto the ground.

Legendary flew in the air and with his magic, he ground pounded her, followed by a shockwave.

Rainbow Dash zoomed at Applejack again. Applejack picked a few apples and threw them at Legendary and Rainbow Dash. Each one avoided them.

Rainbow Dash: I know how to end this!

Rainbow Dash leaped high into the air and preformed her best technique, the Sonic Rainboom. She slammed back onto the ground and a wave of colours stunned Applejack.

With Applejack stunned, it was Legendaryís chance to restore her so his horn glowed and charged at Applejack. The spell on Applejack was broken

Applejack: Rainbow Dash, who is that stranger next to ye? Whatís going on?

Legendary: I am Legendary Brainiac. You were under the wicked spell of Discord yet again and me and Rainbow Dash had to snap you out of it.

Rainbow Dash: Applejack, holding the element of Honesty, under Discord, is a compulsive liar.

Applejack: Oh that monster! Ah sure am sorry for lying to ye folks!

Legendary: Donít sweat it Applejack.

Rainbow Dash: Welcome back on board AJ!

Legendary: You two need to go to Princess Celestiaís palace. She needs to see you two.

Rainbow Dash: Weíre on it!

Applejack: Will do! Catch ye later!

Rainbow Dash made their way to Celestiaís palace.

Legendary: So where else do I go from here?

Celestia appeared again.

Celestia: You are doing very well Legendary. Next, you need to break the spell on Rarity. She holds the element of Generosity.

Legendary: Got it, but where is she?

Celestia: She is in the crystal empire. Rarity has become selfish and greedy by stealing all the crystals there under Discordís spell. You better get there quick Legendary.

Legendary: Iím on it!

So Celestia disappeared and Legendary flew to the crystal empire to find Rarity.

He arrived at the city made of crystal and as he explored, he looked for Rarity. He did find her snuggling a giant rock.

Legendary: What is Rarity doing?

Rarity found Legendary and started acting aggressive.

Rarity: My Tom! MINE!

Legendary: Keep your mane on. I donít want some stupid rock!


Legendary saw the stolen crystals from Rarity.

Legendary: And those crystals donít even belong to you!

Rarity: MINE!!

Legendary: Not for much longer!

MINI BOSS: Discorded Rarity

Rarity was actually quite a challenge as she is an expert martial artist so Legendary had his work cut out.

Rarity delivered a lot of punches and kicks at Legendary, but he didnít give in that easily. He fired magical bolts at her and some did hit her.

Legendary flew into the air while Rarity used her magical horn to pick up some rocks and throw them at him. He swooped down with a magical aura and slammed onto her.

Rarity flew with a flying kick at Legendary, but with his magic, he disappeared and teleported behind her. He then threw rocks at her with his magic.

Legendary used his magic to pick up the giant rock Rarity was cuddling.

Rarity: My Tom!

Legendary: You want him? You can have him!

And he threw the giant boulder at her. The boulder sent her flying and it smashed to pieces. With Rarity unconscious, Legendaryís horn began to glow and he charged at her and with his magical horn, the spell was broken.

Rarity: Oh my! Where in Equestria am I?

Legendary: Back in the crystal empire I see.

Rarity: A yellow alicorn?

Legendary: My name is Legendary. You have been brainwashed by Discord and made you a bit of a thief there.

Rarity: What do you mean?

Legendary picked up the bag of stolen crystals that Rarity stole when she was under Discordís spell.

Rarity: I stole those? Oh how could I have done such a thing?

Legendary: It wasnít entirely your fault Rarity. It was Discord. He made you do all of this.

Rarity: That uncouth monster!

Rarity returned all the crystals she stole back to the city and decided to help Legendary on his quest to restore Equestria.

They returned to Ponyville, where unicorns and earth ponies live. Rarity was about to go to her boutique untilÖ

SMASH! At SugarCube corner, a window shattered.

Rarity: What in tarnation is going on in Sugar Cube Corner?

Legendary: Come on.

Legendary and Rarity enter the bakery to see that Pinkie Pie, holder of the Element of Laughter has been brainwashed by Discord as well.

Pinkie in her discorded form was grouchy and angry. She smashed things and sulked.

Rarity: Pinkie! What is this atrocious behavior?

Pinkie: Ok, which one of you losers nicked my deodorant?

Legendary: Whoíd want to smell like you?

Pinkie: *mimics* whoíd want to smell like you!

Legendary: Brilliant! Witty!

Pinkie: Zip it Shrimpy! *she throws a cloth at Legendary* You know youíre bad at football, but at least youíre short!

Legendary: WHOA!

Rarity: You are being very rude!

Legendary: You donít need a snickers, you need to stop serving Discord!

Pinkie: Why?!

Legendary: Because you act like a right diva when you are under his spell.

Pinkie: Oh I act like a diva! Donít make me come over here and rip that horn and wings off!

Legendary: Right! Now youíre asking for trouble!

Rarity: Count me in this one darling!

MINI BOSS: Discorded Pinkie Pie

Pinkie charged after Legendary and Rarity but both managed to dodge her. Rarity delivered several punches at her, but Pinkie retaliated with a kick.

Legendary leaped into the air and fired magical bolts at her. Rarity also did the same.

Pinkie threw some pies at Legendary and Rarity. Rarity got angry that Pinkie threw a pie at her.

Rarity: I just had my mane done!

Legendary decided to retaliate by throwing more pies at Pinkie. Legendary laughed at her and Pinkie growled with anger. She punched him and quite hard too.

Rarity: Thatís no way to hit such a charming gentlecolt!

She flew and kicked Pinkie. This resulted in a catfight. Legendary recovered and he flew over Pinkie and stomped on her on the head. Pinkie was dizzy so Legendary knew what to do.

Rarity: Be a dear Legendary and bring old Pinkie Pie back!

Legendary: Gladly!

His horn began to glow and charged a Pinkie, and the spell cast on her was broken.

Pinkie: What? Who? What? Why? Where? Oh Hi Rarity! Hello Canary!

Rarity: Welcome back to Equestria darling!

Pinkie: Uhhh, what happened?

Legendary: Discord has brainwashed you again and turned you into a grouchy diva.

Pinkie first giggled what Legendary told her, then she began to laugh hysterically.

Pinkie: Me? A diva? *laughes some more*

Rarity: Well I see our Pinkie has returned.

Legendary: Yep, you got that right. Anyway, you two need to return to Celestiaís palace now. She needs to see you.

Rarity: I will be there. Come along now Pinkie.

Pinkie: Okie Dokie!

Pinkie and Rarity make their way to Celestiaís fortress and Legendary follows them behind but as soon as they were making their way, Celestia appeared.

Celestia: Well done for restoring my students Legendary. You have one more left and sheís attacking my palace.

Legendary: Weíre on our way your highness.

Celestia: My last student is Twilight Sparkle, the holder of the element of Magic. In the latest season, I transformed her into an alicorn like you Legendary, but under Discordís spell, she can still do magic, but he made her do dark and evil magic which I forbid in Equestria.

Rarity: Dark Magic?

Legendary: Weíre on your way your highness!

Celestia: Good. Follow me!

Legendary, Rarity and Pinkie follow Celestia to her palace and when they got there, in the throne room, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were trapped in purple crystals.

Celestia: Please donít tell me Twilight got you.

Applejack: Ahím afraid she did your highness.

Fluttershy: Please hurry!

Twilight Sparkle came in the throne room and fired dark coloured crystals at Rarity and Pinkie and trapped them as well, then Twilight laughed evilly.

Twilight: Soon, all of Equestria will be mine!

Legendary: Not if we can help it!

Twilight: You weak little foal! You think you could stop me?

Celestia: And he wonít be the only one! Time for you to snap out of Discordís bonds young lady!

Twilight: NEVER! Mwahahahahaha!

Legendary: You give Dark Magic a run for her money.

Twilight: Now my pretties, prepare to join your little friends!

MINI BOSS: Discorded Twilight Sparkle

Twilight fired dark energy at Legendary, but he disappeared and reappeared and started firing yellow energy bolts at her.

Celestia fired a magical beam at Twilight which did some decent damage, but not enough to take Twilight down that easily. She flew into the air. Celestia and Legendary flew into the air as well.

Twilight fired dark flaming skulls at the two. It hit Celestia, but not Legendary. He charged after her with a magical aura and pushed her. Celestia flew back and fired another beam at Twilight.

Twilight fired more dark crystals at the two but each one avoided them. Legendary destroyed the crystals Twilight fired by firing energy bolts.

Celestia fired another beam at Twilight and hit her, but Twilight soon began to glow darker and unleashed a shockwave, and that knocked Legendary and Celestia.

Fluttershy: Legendary! Celestia!

Rainbow Dash: Donít give up!

Twilight: Itís no good listening to them. Iíll have you both beat!

Legendary: NEVER!

Legendary had an idea.

Legendary: Your highness, why donít we use our magic together.

Celestia: What a splendid idea!

So both of them did. They combined their magic to create one magical blast, which knocked Twilight. She felt dizzy.

Celestia: Finish her off Legendary! Bring me back my faithful student!

So he did that. His horn glew and he charged at Twilight. The spell Discord cast on her, was broken and Twilight was back to normal.

Celestia freed the other ponies out of their crystals. Twilight recovered.

Twilight: What, whatís happening? Is everything ok?

Legendary: Discord got you.

Rainbow Dash: And he made you trap us!

Applejack: And ye used dark magic!

Twilight: What? Dark Magic? Thatís forbidden in Equestia! Oh no! Iím gonna be TARDY!!! Iíll be sent back to Magic Kindergarten!

Twilight was frightened because she thought Celestia would get mad at her, but instead, she wasnít mad at her at all.

Celestia: No Twilight. I forgive you. It wasnít entirely your fault. It was Discord. You have no need to be upset or worried anymore.

Twilight felt better that Celestia had kind words with her.

Twilight: Thanks Celestia.

Celestia: Now all of you, get the elements of harmony, quick!

The mane 6 went to gather the elements.

Celestia: I thank you for bringing back my students Legendary.

Legendary: Youíre very welcome your highness. Iím glad I could help you. Now we face Discord and Nightmare Moon.

Celestia: I have no idea where theyíll be but we will not give up until I get my sister back and the land is free from eternal chaos, apocalypse or no apocalypse.

Legendary: Iím with you with this.

Suddenly, the palace began to rumble.

Legendary: Is that an earthquake?

Celestia: No. ItísÖ

The spirit of chaos, Discord and the Nightmare mare, Nightmare Moon have crashed into the palace. The two laughed.

Discord: Well I must say congratulations freeing my slaves Legendary! Itís such a shame theyíll be coming back and you will join them.

Nightmare Moon: Hello sister! Remember me!

Celestia: You are not my sister! You are just an abomination thatís taken over her!

Nightmare Moon: And youíll never get Luna back! Itís thanks to Discord! He brought me back and I will make this night last forever!

Discord: Indeed my dear nightmare. While weíre at it, All of Equestria will succumb to eternal chaos.

Legendary: A little birdie told me you redeemed yourself with Fluttershyís help did you.

Discord: Yeah well, I lied, so enjoy being on my side Legendary!

And in time, the mane 6 has got their elements and confronted the two villains.

Nightmare Moon: Little ponies! We meet again!

Twilight: Thatís right Nightmare Moon!

Pinkie: Give us back Luna you meanie!

Nightmare Moon laughed.

Nightmare Moon: You little foal! Think you can get your princess back!

Celestia: Enough of this! Time to finish this final battle once and for all!

Legendary: All of you fight Nightmare Moon! I will take care of Discord!

Discord: Ho ho ho! A single canary alicorn? This will be easy!

BOSS: Discord

The mane 6 and Celestia took care of Nightmare Moon, while Legendary took on Discord.

He was actually very powerful despite his bizarre appearance and crazy behavior. Legendary attacked but every time he did, Discord would disappear and reappear.

Discord then cloned himself and each clone attacked Legendary. He fought them all.

When Legendary did manage to attack Discord, his attacks would bounce off like a cartoon character. His head would spin, but he shook it off. Discord soon changed himself into a parasprite and annoyed Legendary and when he stomped on him, he changed back but unharmed.

Discordís arms became that of machine guns and rocket launchers and various bullets and rockets fired at Legendary and homed at him. He defended himself with his magical horn luckily.

Discord: Youíre cheating! Iíll take that horn away!

And suddenly, Legendaryís horn disappeared!

Legendary: My horn! You abomination!

He flew into the air and charged at Discord, but then boxing gloves appeared on his hands and punched Legendary quite hard.

Discord: I want a challenge. Let me have those wings!

And Legendaryís wings also disappeared too!

Legendary: Youíre taking the piss now!

Without his horn or wings, Legendary was weak. Discordís eyes bulged and his gums and tongue flew out like a cartoon character and he spun him around and making a tornado, and he flew him away.

Legendary was weak. He tried to fight back but no matter how many times he would try to fight, Discord would always beat him with his cartoon like powers.

Discord: Now itís time for me to finish you by my magical brainwashing!

Legendary: Someone please help!

Celestia fought Nightmare Moon when she realized Legendary was in trouble.

Celestia: I am coming to help you Legendary!

She fired a beam at Discord. Although it did not harm him, it distracted him.

Discord: Oh defending your friend are we? I could do with a princess on my side anyway.

Celestia: I think not!

She threw a golden crown with a yellow triangle gem on it. Legendary picked it up.

Legendary: What is that?

Celestia: That is the element of positivity Legendary! Wear it quick!

So he placed it on his head and the gem began to glow and it allowed Legendaryís horn and wings to come back. Positive thoughts entered Legendaryís head and that powered him up.

Legendary: Ah, much better. Good to be an alicorn again.

Discord noticed Legendary with the new seventh element.

Discord: Where are my wings and horn?

Legendary: Thanks to Celestia, I got them back, now itís time for a more fairer round!

Discord tried to steal his horn and wings again, but it didnít work this time. The gem began to glow and Legendary zoomed passed Discord and this time, it actually hurt him.

Discord: Ouch! I gotta admit, that actually hurt!

Legendary: Good! Try acting like a cartoon now!

Discord cloned again, but with the elementís magic, Legendary found the real Discord and he charged and stabbed him with his magical horn.

Discord tried teleporting again and again, but with the element, it froze him and Legendary had the chance to attack again.

Discord: Youíre cheating now!

Legendary: Enjoying a taste of your own medicine?

The ponies elements began to glow, including Legendaryís. A rainbow was blasted into the air from the ponies elements. A rainbow was also blasted from Legendary as well.

Legendaryís rainbow engulfed Discord and not only drained him his cartoon powers but changing him to glass.

Discord: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ponies rainbow also engulfed Nightmare Moon and she was also losing her powers too.

Nightmare Moon: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discord was fully a glass statue and bright light with all the colours of the rainbow completely enveloped Nightmare Moon. The spell cast on her was broken, and what replaced where Nightmare Moon stood, was Princess Luna.

Legendary finished Discord by flying in the air and charged at the Discord statue, destroying it. As Legendary destroyed Discord, Derpy Hooves appeared again.

Derpy: TOASTY!

The victory theme played and the Diamond Key of Justice floated which Legendary grabbed with his magic horn, and with it, he removed all of Night Terrorís ominous clouds in the My Little Pony fandom.

Luna recovered and felt a little sad.

Luna: Was, was I Nightmare Moon again?

Twilight: Iím afraid so.

Luna was distraught.

Luna: Oh, why did I have to act so bitter? Now nopony loves me.

Celestia: No Luna. We all love you. It wasnít your fault. It was Discord who changed you into Nightmare Moon.

Fluttershy: Yeah Luna. We all love you.

And all the ponies, including Legendary hugged Luna.

Luna: Thank you. Thank you all. Oh itís so good to know I have a lot of friends who love me.

Celestia: Legendary, I am very proud of what you accomplished today. Thank you for not only restoring my students and my sister, defeating Discord for good but also you have saved my fandom as well.

Legendary: Iím so glad I could help you out your highness.

Twilight: Yep, you might live up to your name someday.

Legendary: I hope so too, but Iím afraid I have to go now because I need that key before doomsday and I still need more and doomsday is fast approaching.

Celestia: I completely understand Legendary. My students, sister and I wish you the very best of luck to end armageddon before it comes.

Legendary: Thanks your highness. Goodbye for now. I hope we meet again someday.

Legendary waved goodbye to his friends and they waved back and they waved until he had completely left the fandom.

Back in the hub world, Legendary was Adam again.

Misty: Where did you go Daddy?

Adam: I was in the My Little Pony universe and itís a very popular fandom. Believe me, the boss there was a very tough cookie but as you can see, I have won.

Honey: Well done Daddy!

Fairy Godmother: Well done indeed my dear. Place the key into the lock and see what fandom you will be travelling to next.

So Adam placed the key into the lock and a new fandom was unlocked.

Fairy Godmother: You will be reunited with 2 friends of yours Adam and you will have mini games to participate in.

Adam: That sounds like fun. I will look forward to entering the fandom.

Fairy Godmother: You have 2 more keys to collect and you need them quick because Night Terrorís cataclysm will soon be coming.

Adam: Iím onto it!

And he was getting ready to enter the new fandom.
Boomer The Dog - 2014-09-17
Wow Homer, you need to be in the Furry fandom and straighten it out with episodes like that, that's pretty deep!


EvilHomer - 2014-09-17
It's not mine. It is by a guy I follow on DeviantArt.


He is an outsider artist, very similar to ChrisChan, only without the creepy psycho-sexual undertones. Please no-one harass him; respect the Prime Directive and enjoy the wonderful things he creates, quietly and respectfully.

EvilHomer - 2014-09-17
He is VERY active in the Mr Men fandom. You know, the Early Reader books?


There is a fandom for them, and he is a fixture within it, being the chief admin for the Mr Men Wiki as well as one of the most productive Mr Men fanartists on DA. BrainiacAdam is also a prominent member of the Mortal Kombat fandom (which is how I first became aware of him), even though, according to his MKWiki admin bio, he has "never played any of the games."

Other things he is into include the Power Rangers, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and for some reason, Rita Repulsa's hair. (oddeye, you should enjoy his work!)

EvilHomer - 2014-09-18
(for the record, I would NEVER write a story in which my self-insert kicked Fluttershy in the face! That's just not cool.)

Mother_Puncher - 2014-09-17
I don't care about video games
oddeye - 2014-09-17
You cared enough to inform us all that you don't care about video games.

ashtar. - 2014-09-17
I don't care that you don't care.
But I do care that you know I don't care that you don't care.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-17
I don't care about video games, either. But this is the INTERNET, which i am obsessed with.
oddeye - 2014-09-17
You cared enough to inform us all that you don't care about video games.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-17
Yeah, but if I wasn't going to tell you I was obsessed with the internet, I wouldn't have bothered.

Nominal - 2014-09-17
Hey Homer

The local take on this is JHM is always on the lookout for target to hurl his sack of rotten tomatoes at, especially when it comes to his latest young white female internet celebrity obsession (I suspect his user name was a typo of "John Hinckley"). He likes to complain about the negative comments Anita receives like she's Salman Rushdie, but is more than happy to employ the same tactics and levels of bile against even the most soft stepping opposing views should they disagree with his Lady Dulcinea.

Now, when it comes to Zoe Quinn, there are a couple known facts:

1. She made a text based choose your own adventure game (light on the "choose" aspect) that almost could have been done with a mid 90s copy of microsoft publisher as a mid semester high school class project. The crux of the game was that the protagonist's self destructive behavior was the fault his/her/xir depression disorder forcing them to do bad things.

2. She had been a part of multiple indie game collaboration projects, and each time ended up leaving. She claimed this was due to sexism from threatened men driving her out.

3. She had sex with a bunch of guys while in a committed relationship (which itself doesn't concern me because the boyfriend was such a chode it's impossible to muster any sympathy for him). These guys were influential in what indie games get big publicity. She had previously gone on record claiming that sex with your significant other while having an affair was the same thing as rape, which should come off as a crazy and dangerous opinion to anyone who isn't retarded in addition to watering down the seriousness of actual rape.

4. She is currently held up as THE face of women indie game makers.

From there we enter the realm of opinion, and there are two possible stories to believe.

#1. Depression Quest was such a great game that it should made Zoey massively successful. The fact that she wasn't it clear proof of industry misogyny conspiring against her. The woman who made a game about her self insert having nervous breakdowns as a non-functioning individual deferring personal responsibility DIDN'T have a nervous breakdown after failing to function on another project while deferring the blame to others; she was forced out by the threatened chauvinist machine.

#2. Two seconds of playing Depression Quest tips you off to both Zoey's lack of game making talent and stance on personal accountability. Depression Quest is her ONLY work, and should have been a failed Steam greenlight title at best. The fact that it's gotten so much hype and accolade when there are THOUSANDS of better indie games involving more talented women made you wonder if sexual favors were involved...and they were. The number of women making games is not insignificant and most of them who don't work for Brad Wardell didn't have to fuck anybody to make it. To suggest that Zoey was a pioneer for women making games and proof that men drive out any who try is insulting to the ones with actual talent who have been doing it for years. On how many different projects does she have to quit, citing conspiring forces, before you start to wonder if the problem is her?

Which is easier to believe? What does it say when the ones claiming the sexist industry and internet trolls are keeping women out of game making are the ones who've made nothing but the shittiest games and are only in the limelight when they're talking about their own harassment? As much as I hated Gone Home, it's a million times more deserving of any recognition than Depression Quest and I haven't heard any such claims from the women (half the team) who made it.
Nominal - 2014-09-17
Ah fuck it fucked up the reply and Fezren/CN summed it up better than I did.

A lot of people like to strawman the thing as Call of Duty players hating women for daring to have sex or make games. That is absurd nuttery from people who get paid to claim such things (and JHM).

I'd say it's a more a release of the built up ire towards games journalism and their connected BLOGOSPHERE for a variety of their actions over the years: giving undue promotion to shitty indie message games, linkbait social justice articles, and insults which have recently escalated to calls for genital mutilation and public executions. Turned out the very worst offenders of these (Polygon and Kotaku) were doing it just to get pussy, exposing the whole thing as a hypocritical farce.

EvilHomer - 2014-09-17
Well, I'm glad I skrimped this submission with BraniacAdam, then!

Wander - 2014-09-17
The people who made Gone Home specifically pulled out of PAX and posted a press release saying they did it cause they didn't feel comfortable there due to the culture of sexism Penny Arcade promotes, and it took literally 2 seconds on google to find the article: http://fullbright.company/2013/06/21/why-we-are-not-showing-gone-h ome-at-pax/

You are crazy to think there is a conspiracy and even crazier to care. What are the consequences here? Someone might have, theoretically, given a game higher review scores than it warranted? Welcome to fucking video game reviews, their job is to sell you things, dipshit.

oddeye - 2014-09-17
Sell me a subscription if you had the balls to review games honestly.

Adham Nu'man - 2014-09-18
Nominal: We're not arguing whether Depression Quest was a landmark achievement for videogames, art, or humanity. I have no interest in playing Depression Quest and I have no reason to doubt anyone who tells me it's a shit game.

It's even entirely possible for Zoe Quinn to be a talentless hack, and an unfaithful girlfriend. How does that make it right for her to be the subject of a harassment campaign that includes psychological abuse, death threats and slander? All in the name of what? videogame journalism integrity?!? Gamergate?!? Fuck you, this is a tiny irrelevant shit game nobody would have given a shit about even if it WAS halfway decent; where were all these people when Jeff Gerstmann was fired from Gamestop because he gave a low review to Kane & Lynch? These are lonely sad nerds taking out their personal traumas on some random chick while pretending to be crusaders for some Greater Good.

13.5 - 2014-09-18
Yeah, if the issue here is that Kotaku failed to disclose a personal relationship between a reviewer and the maker of a game, the answer is "Kotaku has a problem and if they don't address conflicts of interest by their reviewers, people will stop trusting their reviews." They have the same access-based conflict of interest that is systemic to the press and even more so the promotional press (cf. recent sports reporting debacles), but this is just one more example of that

I really do not get why the designer is the problem here

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-17
Classic Nominal! He starts out:

>>The local take on this is JHM is always on the lookout for target to hurl his sack of rotten tomatoes at

And then follows up with 772 words (Yeah, I did a count.) of sleazy personal attacks. Not many people can do hypocrisy with that kind of panache. Instead of rotten tomatoes, he hurls his own feces. Nominal, Baby, you're still the king!
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-17
>>A lot of people like to strawman the thing as Call of Duty players hating women for daring to have sex or make games. That is absurd nuttery from people who get paid to claim such things (and JHM).

Seriously, is it me? "A lot of people like to strawman the thing as (strawman argument goes here)"

To say that this is simply men hating women is a bit of an oversimplification. It's largely adolescents protecting the emblems of the identity they're trying to build. It's mods against rockers, punks against teddy boys. The misogynistic part is the silly fear that some youtube videos by a smart woman could threaten their identities-- but regardless of the motive, it's cynical, shitty political maneuvering that's the opposite of everything it pretends to be. It pretends to be against censorship, but it's using political power in an attempt to control speech. It pretends to be for journalistic standards, but it trades in libelous speculation that the sleaziest tabloids would avoid. It pretends to decry Social Justice Warriors, but it's got its own hardass social agenda, and clearly to them, this is war.
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-17
>>which have recently escalated to calls for genital mutilation and public executions.

I'm against that.

>>A lot of people like to strawman the thing as Call of Duty players hating women for daring to have sex or make games. That is absurd nuttery from people who get paid to claim such things (and JHM).

What I've heard about five or six times in the past two days are that the women aren't "THE REAL GAMERS". Because being a "REAL GAMER" isn't just about the games, it's about being a "REAL GAMER", and if you think that all this identification with being a "REAL GAMER" is adolescent bullshit, then you're clearly not a "REAL GAMER".

Well, the Entertainment Software Association says that 48 per cent of gamers are women,


And the Entertainment Software Association includes microsoft, sony, sega, and nintendo


The industry is made up of grownups, and it doesn't care about "REAL GAMERS" To them, the fact that the women are playing on their phones (or so the "REAL GAMERS" say, ) makes them an untapped market, and the industry is starting to woo them. Anita's Ambassador award sent a clear signal, just like it was supposed to do. The "REAL GAMERS" like to say that when more women play console games, there will be more games for women, but no one in the industry is going to wait for that happen, and risk being left behind.

When women start to become "REAL GAMERS" things aren't going to change as much as they fear, but right now they feel threatened, and feminism is the designated culprit as usual. Whenever social change is undesirable (rape jokes not being cool any more, the "collapse of the American family", being forced to support your kids, it's usually feminism's fault.
SolRo - 2014-09-18
5 for horrible people.

Games journalists should move away from that term, as 99.99% of them don't do any journalism.

They're games reviewers/critics, nothing more. A critic can be a biased and self-aggrandizing ass if they and their audience want. Full disclosure is the only thing I want required of game reviews.

(ps- it IS just a bunch of misogynists idiots being misogynistic, not anything more complex. Just like a racist being pissed at a black person doesn't have underlying nuance or redemption to it)
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18
(ps- it IS just a bunch of misogynists idiots being misogynistic, not anything more complex. Just like a racist being pissed at a black person doesn't have underlying nuance or redemption to it)

Redemption isn't the point. They're behaving horribly, and nothing is going to make their behavior less horrible, but it might occasionally make communication possible.

Regarding Anita Sarkeesian, if they hadn't started the hate campaign months before the first video was uploaded, I'd be a lot more sympathetic. Feminist criticism is not easy to understand, especially in the context of the internet. I'm not an expert, nearly everything I know I learned from an excellent article in the New Statesman that I read over the weekend.

>>>There's a common trope of framing Sarkeesian's work as "cherry-picked", as she takes isolated examples from many games and presents them as a stream of misogyny in order to create the illusion that all of these games are entirely misogynist, the entire way through. That's a fundamental misunderstanding of what it is Sarkeesian is doing with TvsWVG, and what cultural criticism in general is. These are tropes - they're fragments of a whole. By definition they don't make up the entirety of a work of art by themselves, but are instead definable cultural touchstones which artists, writers, developers etc, can use when creating a fictional reality.

>>>In other words, Anita Sarkeesian only presents sections of games as sexist because she's only talking about the sexist bits of games, and how, of the tropes developers choose to put in their games when designing for female characters, they frequently fall back on sexist ones. Seriously, she couldn't be clearer about this

>> in the introduction to the very first video she says:

" This series will include critical analysis of many beloved games and characters, but remember that it is both possible (and even necessary) to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical of its more problematic or pernicious aspects."

Try to comprehend that last paragraph. She's repeated this disclaimer more than once. She's not saying that the games are bad. She's not saying that you shouldn't have your fun. Gender messages are everywhere in everything, in bad art and good art. Therefore, identifying gender tropes in art doesn't make the art bad. It's not necessarily about destroying everything. It can be about reconciliation and new understanding, filtering out the bathwater and leaving the baby alone. I once read about about a feminist critic who spent years identifying sexist tropes in the work of an author she openly admired.

There's been feminist literary and film criticism for generations, but as far as I know no one has ever lost their shit because of this and became convinced that critics were out to destroy books or movies. Also I've never heard of a literary critic that didn't love books, or a film critic that didn't love movies. The fact that she hasn't mastered all the details and nuances of playing every game that she discusses doesn't mean that she doesn't like games.
Ryo-Cokey - 2014-09-18
Five stars for the comments. Of course the PoeTV goons would support the obvious hucksters. Nominal pretty much covered all the factual points.
Adham Nu'man - 2014-09-18
You're a moron. A sad broken person. Next time you wonder what the fuck went wrong with your life and are wondering why you are sad, alone and unloved, know that it is your fault.

SolRo - 2014-09-18
Nominal; "That is absurd nuttery from people who get paid to claim such things"

See, when one of your biggest arguments is that no one could possibly disagree with you, unless they're getting paid off by some shadowy 3rd party, you've lost the argument.

"you're being paid to disagree with me" = "you're Hitler for disagreeing with me"

SexualBasalt - 2014-09-18
Reading all the previous comments was uncomfortable, like holding in a massive shit. Reading Nominal's comment was relieving, like taking a massive shit. Nominal makes me feel good like shitting does. Seriously though you guys need to use your critical thinking skills more often instead of just latching onto whatever the most liberal opinion on a given subject is. And also I'm married with a child so people who agree with Nominal are not all lonely and sad adham. Fuck you all for making a once fun site into yet another hugbox for 30-something disingenuous fatsos who let the mean people in their lives destroy their ability to think.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18
Sorry that you don't think this is any fun, but that's not my problem. Why don't you submit more videos?

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18
The standard argument from #GamerGate is: You were paid to disagree with me with sex from Zoe Quinn.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18
>>And also I'm married with a child so people who agree with Nominal are not all lonely and sad adham.

You're married to a child? That's fucked up!

Seriously, I have to agree with this. The lonely basement dweller thing is pretty old. You are a lonely basement dweller = You are Joseph Goebbels.

For the record, I live in an attic with a ridiculous number of cats, so I am the opposite of a lonely basement dweller!

Adham Nu'man - 2014-09-18
SexualBasalt, I have no problem with people here making jokes about whatever topic and using whatever language they prefer, but, as a husband and father, please explain to me how it's ok to make threats, post someone's address online, and conducting a smear campaign against someone because you didn't like a MOTHERFUCKING VIDEOGAME or disagree with who somebody sleeps with?

Caminante Nocturno - 2014-09-18
I lost the ability to take anyone on this site seriously after they made it clear they think Sarah Haskins is funny.

I mean, except for EvilHomer.

Nominal - 2014-09-18
I will defend Sarah Haskins as funny.

However I will not call you a shitlord scumfuck who should kill himself in doing so.

Aelric - 2014-09-18
Wow. Fuck every person ever.
Rosebeekee - 2014-09-18
Ha ha! "Gaming journalism". That's a good one.
betamaxed - 2014-09-18
All this fuss over a non-art form:

http://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/video-games-can-never -be-art
John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18
This was supposed to be posted on an entirely different page.

Sudan no1 - 2014-09-18
Every dorkshit who cares about GamerGate is going to grow up to become a Fox News watcher shaking their fist at arugula-eatin' elitist pot-smokers and will try their darnedest to make sure the next 50 years are as shitty as the last 50.

http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/09/right-wing-vultures-start-t o-circle-gamergate/
Adham Nu'man - 2014-09-18
Hahahaha, Jesus Christ

Caminante Nocturno - 2014-09-18
That's great, we're going to get another George W. Bush into office because you fucking crybabies couldn't handle the existence of boob armor.

When we start a pointless war with Iran, I hope you all get a good view of the dead from your moral high horses.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-18
Can anyone tell me if Caminante Nocturno is serious.

By the way, Cam, you were right about the reply button being a brain teaser to me. Like right now. God knows where this will end up.

Wel, it looks like the Right Wing has officially reached the bottom of the barrel.

ashtar. - 2014-09-18
In our war with Iran that will be caused by criticizing video games, will the female soldiers have normal bulky man armor or sexy girl armor that doesn't cover their cleavage and butts?

Caminante Nocturno - 2014-09-18
Neither, they'll be too busy whining about a joke that hurt their feelings and spewing petty spite at anyone who tells them to do their jobs.

Macho Nacho - 2014-09-18
When did "Gaming Journalism" ever have integrity?
Spaceman Africa - 2014-09-18
I don't know why some people think this is the first big sign of corruption in game "journalism" as if it hasn't been intrinsically corrupt for a long time.
But whatever, gamer clan here we stand.
Old_Zircon - 2014-09-18
In all seriousness, what is wrong with these people? Is this because of attachment parenting or something?
Old_Zircon - 2014-09-18
And let me assure you that I am casting the "these people" net as widely as I can, here, across all sides of this.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2014-09-19
They "censored" my comment! HA HAHAHAHAHA!

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-09-19
my god, all the fucking wall of text comments.
Scrimmjob - 2014-09-21
I know I'm late to the pissing match, but I figured I'd put my two cents in on a topic of great importance. Will we ever be able to stop putting the word gate at the end of something whenever there is a 'scandal', unless of course something of importance to the scandal happened at a place, like say, the Watergate hotel? I just think it sounds really stupid.
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