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Desc:Nick knows your name.
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:The Smiths, nightmare fuel, serial killer, nick bravo, Tom Davis
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Jet Bin Fever
Tries to blow out candles. Candles stay lit.
Hard to believe Corkzilla really has to do this ritual for virtually any phrase he wants to utter. You and I take "I know your name" for granted, but it took him years to get this down. Let the ugly, horrible, banal piece of shit have his moment in the sun.
It's better than the ritual he performed to destroy me, when he put a bunch of salt in a sink. I wish that video still existed.

I hate that I missed that. Why did you delete your vids?

There was a time when I felt somewhat guilty or troubled by the depths of my trolling. This was many years ago, when my heart struggled with evil. Now I embrace it, I feed upon it. It guides me through the stars.

He actually deleted all his videos as well, numerous times. He has so many people copying his videos though, it might be up somewhere.

I've stumbled in the same way, but then realized this is the path I must take.

No, that's Murray.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
You know my name, look up the number.
I like that "How soon is now?" is the scariest song he could come up with. He's as threatening as a butterfly fart.
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