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Category:Classic TV Clips, Arts
Tags:roberta flack, killing me softly, guy fieri
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infinite zest
Seriously, how the fuck did this guy get famous? I'll give Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, the guy that swears a bunch, the other guy that swears a lot, and even the cute one from Queer Eye the benefit of the doubt. But according to his Wikipedia, the only thing he did that's remotely interesting is combining BBQ with Sushi, something that the Japanese have been doing with Unagi since the beginning of time. I mean, there's nothing wrong with working for Stouffer's, Michelinas or any airplane-quality food corporation, but dude's got zero charisma. He's the Jay Leno of food shows.
Prickly Pete
I believe he won some sort of Food Network version of "American Idol". Did we learn nothing from Jesse Camp?? We can't be trusted with that power!

Wow, I'm glad I stopped watching "The Next Food Network Star" halfway through season 1. If I'd seen him rise to stardom via that I'd probably have had an aneurysm.

infinite zest
Yeah that's the thing: Jesse would've been about as annoying after a period of time as Fieri is (just substitute "punk rock" for "douchebag") whereas Carson Daly, who I believe won, was more down to earth and capable of being a legitimate talkshow host, even if I don't watch it. I have a friend who would be perfect for a food network show: she's a one-woman army who cooks and feeds literally thousands of people a day at a Church food pantry, when she's not being a construction worker as her full-time job. She deserves a show, not this guy.

Ramsey would fuck this guy humble

I literally can't get enough of his schtick and have watched four hour blocks of Triple D before.

God, he's such a goofy, stupid asshole.
Needs a douchetag.
Old People
I don't understand the depth of our hatred for this man. He's a fat hustler who has tricked people into giving him lots of money, while harming no one (aside from the fact that his food is unhealthy) and enjoying himself immensely. Sure, he's as grotesque and untalented as most other reality-TV clowns, but he's succeeded in becoming the PT Barnum of the cooking-show circuit, made all the more amazing by his utter lack of, as Zest pointed out in his comment above, charisma; if you take him too seriously it seems like you're missing the point.
it's his fucking glasses man

This guy came to Albuquerque about 5-6 months ago to do something in Old Town. I was down there and everyone was freaking out like it was a visit from the fucking Queen or something and, of course, he didn't go to any of the restaurants Old Town is known for, he went to some shitty burger place or something and that made it onto the show.
That guy
not going to the good restaurants in NM sounds perfect for this guy

That guy
with his schlong
I bought some of his salsa at Big Lots. It was actually pretty legit.
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