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Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:charlie brooker, Weekly Wipe, philomena cunk, Barry Shitpeas, Neil MacGregor
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Comment count is 22
Barry Shitpeas is on point, Caligula fought a battle with the sea.

Russel Brand section went on a bit too much though.
I couldn't believe they even got him to do that segment.

Thanks for the heads up, that was awful! I would have sat through it too, now I can do something useful with those 4 minutes of my life.

I wish they could have gotten Zeb again this week. Guess he was busy.

I disagree, the brand section was spot on satire of brand's tendancy to drag on a bit.

that's fine and all, not saying watching the real Brand is any more watchable. It just sucked is all.

infinite zest
I've been told that I look a lot like Russell Brand. I thought he was still married to Katy Perry. Apparently I'm on a celebrity musician kick tonight. Katy and Zooey, I wouldn't object to a 3 way, just so you know..

I couldn't believe they even wanted Brand for a segment; he's boorish at best.

infinite zest
Sorry, my sarcasm detector might be a little bit off, but you guys do know that's not Russell Brand, right? It's my birthday so you can't make fun of me.

Five stars for your birthday!

Yes, it's pretty clear that was the lady who plays Zeb playing Russell Brand. IMDB says her name is Morgana Robinson.

No, that's Russell Brand. Open your dang eyes.

Happy Birthday Zesty

Caminante Nocturno
Poor Michael Dixon.
She's so hot.

So, has anyone watched that Black Mirror show? I watched an episode at a friends house. I thought it was a pretty obvious and hamfisted Orwellian future story, but updated to match our present day addiction to technology and pop culture. I struggled through it, and the first thing that scrolled up on the credits was "Written by Charlie Brooker".
Black Mirror is pretty amazing, albeit a few years old. I don't know whether I should lecture you on your dated ham-glasses, or rather give you a stern talking to about these swift and turbulent times in which we are eating, typing and shitting.

Which episode did you watch?

Yogar is correct; Black Mirror is awesome. Easily the the most astute and enjoyable near-future scifi show in recent memory, if not ever.

Which episode did you watch?

Pretty sure the episode was fifteen million merits, and it was fucking lame.

http://25.media.tumblr.com/4f9a042fd0577ad4aff0997c26237cd2/tumblr _mq1at2UeI91reikcwo1_400.gif

IDK man, I do really like Charlie Brooker, didn't realize he wrote almost all of the episodes of Black Mirror. The one I watched seemed like a cynical 16 year old's creative writing assignment after having read 1984. I'm willing to watch more, I hear there is a pretty good dog fucking episode or something!

*Pig fucking.

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