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Desc:Kenyan pirates exist, so use your immortality rings.
Tags:immortality rings, Alex Chiu, POE Red Solid Gold Classics
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infinite zest
Shoulda put a ring on it
He doesn't really post much anymore, but his various Youtube channels and videos are great.

He seems so earnest in his beliefs.
Wait wait wait - I thought his brilliant explanation was that magnets "replace damaged meat and blood" when the blood circulates throughout your hand and thus through the finger wearing the ring, it permeates the rest of your body.

I guess I don't understand his kooky theory at all! Now he's saying it's a bullet shield?
is he actually serious then? I thought the whole thing was a big joke
Alex is INCREDIBLY earnest. He's dead serious. I admire him.

Never drop the con.

See this sofa? 100% rings.
Now I want one just to have it.
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