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Desc:This guy likes to put stuff where it don't belong, if ya know what I mean...
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:sex, dork, Glock, lube
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Comment count is 11
What? Needs some form of "AMERICA!!!" tag, I think.
Also, you put the tag "sex" on it but not the tag "sex lube"?
This video and the guy in it are just too hard to diagnosis. It straddles the line between banal and perverted like none other.
i used to have a girlfriend who was a heroin addict who had this fetish, she would gravitate towards drug dealers not only for their dope but also for their inevitable firearms, and i would get to enjoy the residual effects when she was not hanging out with them, even though i only had a boring little .22 handheld it still did the trick let me tell ya, i fucked her with it, also held it to her head while she sucked me off. girls with gun fetishes are the best, and their numbers are larger than you might think. unfortunately most of you are either too old or too socially awkward to really enjoy life, so i wish you the best
You haven't lived until you've held a gun to a girls' head while she takes your load.

Oh man, THAT is going in my Gmork folder!!!

It's surreal that lotsmoreorcs is dead and her account is on life support through her friends with the login info.

i wouldnt call closing in on 1000 views on the station fire video life support

Guys this is Pete, I'm sorry I'm not sure who is doing the aggressive ghosting but that looked to me like the post made in a blackout so I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Can't a man have a sense of humor about himself (or rather, the perception of himself by others?)

"You haven't lived until you've held a gun to a girls' head while she takes your load."

- Gmork

Jet Bin Fever
I like that little jizz drizzle that comes out of the barrel when he's shooting.
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