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Desc:Part of it is pretty bad, part of it is sausage
Category:Arts, General Station
Tags:star trek, Picard, sausage, TNG
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Comment count is 12
Sometimes I have to wonder what sequence events caused a particular thing to exist, and thank the world for it anyway.
It's safe to say it started out with someone listening to a whole lot of Frank Zappa.

This is the music video for Friendly Rich's song "Sausage Samba"


I have no idea who he is but he obviously loves Zappa. In a good way, though, not like Root Boy Slim (or the way a Zoogs Rift alum sounds like hewas literally masturbating on top of a pile of Captain Beefheart records while he made it, but had no idea what made Beefheart good). I like this. But it's extremely Zappa like.

This is all Q's doing.
Rodents of Unusual Size
He probably did this all the time and just wiped their memories without them knowing. Also, this is some really clever editing.

the part when Q and the Mariachis come in is just so perfect

also 1:02

infinite zest
You Canadians and your space program.. you really didn't see this coming, did you?
So much effort put into something so stupid...
The Mothership
Yea; it's so incredibly dumb, yet so complexly thought out.

That guy
The shadows under the sausages at 1:48

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