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Desc:No, crazy lady, 'oblate' does not mean the Earth looks like a flattened disk.
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:crazy, tinfoil, flat earth, anti-science, flat earth theory
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Comment count is 8
simon666 - 2015-06-14
If I were the head of any educational system, I'd mandate every year students spend two weeks each year learning and reviewing confirmation bias from kindergarten through senior in high school.
gravelstudios - 2015-06-15
In College, my physics professor one day let everyone out of class early except the education majors. We had to stay and watch a video in which recent Harvard grads were asked two questions. What causes the seasons, and what causes the moon phases. Most couldn't answer both questions accurately. His point was that science and math education in American schools sucks and that we have to do better.

oddeye - 2015-06-14
how does disproving current scientific thinking automatically make your crackpot bullshit instantly correct?
Meerkat - 2015-06-14
Scientists who say things we like are good, but scientists who say things we don't like are clearly part of a conspiracy to make people think things we don't like them to think for fun and profit.

BiggerJ - 2015-06-15
Because science is always flip-flopping and changing its mind while religion is steadfast.

"Science adjusts its views based on what's observed
Faith is the denial of observation so that belief can be preserved"

Tim Minchin, Storm (http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=92879)

Sanest Man Alive - 2015-06-14
Papyrus font, for when you want to look like an ass but need a more serious tone than Comic Sans can provide.
sasazuka - 2015-06-14
Before watching this video, I was completely unaware that Neil deGrasse Tyson owned shares in NASA.

I'm not exactly sure how one owns shares in a United States of America government agency, but maybe it has something to do with him being a Freemason, as "many critics" believe him to be.
SolRo - 2015-06-14
'many critics' needs to be a tag.

it should be on just about every fox news clip as well.

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