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Desc:poeTV's favorite real-life non-mad scientist shows us how a record works
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:vinyl, record, SCIENCE!, lp, Ben Krasnow
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The Mothership
That is just the damnedest thing that Capacitance Electronic Disc.
Amen, it's an incredible idea.

Reefer Fez
My family used to rent these way back in the day (player and movies). Totally forgot about them until now!

The Mothership
Seriously, it's a fucking analog lazerdisc. That's fucking amazing.

I found one once at a thrift store--a player and a stack of movies (no titles I was interested in). I thought it was some kind of laserdisk until I saw something on Youtube about it. Part of me wished I'd bought it, but I don't really have the space to accumulate obsolete tech in my apartment.

Laserdiscs are technically analog (the video, anyway) but it's still really cool that they basically had a video record.

A long time ago I sent that to my boss and he said the part I linked to brought tears to his eyes.

I never knew how stereo on an vinyl worked, thanks for that.
What does this have to do with DJ Pon-3? (。ヘ)-?
Wait wait, our favorite mad scientist is photoninduction. Our favorite "let's understand things" scientist is this guy.

ps fuck the "poop splash elimination guy"

for contrast


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