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Desc:Never relax one's vigilance.
Category:Horror, Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, cucumber, short and sweet, reaction
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Comment count is 13
infinite zest
Both the cucumber and the cat were consumed later that day.

That guy
What was the cat consumed with?

infinite zest
They were consumed with their enemies but they overtook them.

The bible 18:37.

In the same dish?

infinite zest
Cross catamination

lol when did risitas move to japan
Oscar Wildcat
Much like cats, cucumbers are ambush hunters.
Ha ha stoopid cat.
Robin Kestrel
Hey, granted, 9 times out of ten it's just a cucumber, but that tenth time you'll sure be glad your cat-like reactions got you out of the danger zone.

Yeah, it could have been a bread-and-butter pickle.

Binro the Heretic
Sneaky fucking gourd.
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