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Desc:yeah there were some shootings earlier in 2015
Tags:hippies, rant, rainbow family, GDF
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"the original vision of sustainable, egalitarian tribal culture has fallen by the wayside and the gatherings have become the new dead tour, populated by nasty, lice-infested beggars, thieves, dope slingers and prostitutes. sad but true. stay away. it's no longer safe for nice people to attend."

I don't know, sounds pretty accurate really.
I read somewhere that the Lakota tribe are straight up threatening to physically throw the Rainbow Gathering off their land and/or get violent.

Difficult to choose a side in that equation.
No it's not.

I will need the poecyclopedia entry on this one to know what he's talking about.

long story short, there were some kids burning a tire on a bonfire at front gate, some other guy got into it with them about it and started filming it on his phone. the kids took the phone from the guy and threw it in the fire, at which point he went and got a gun and a truck and drove down a dirt path in the forest until he got to their campsite, then opened fire and stabbed the tire burners, killing Smiley and mortally wounding Dice. the guy was subdued and stabbed several times, spending 14 days in the ICU before being charged with homicide. as a commune kid i can attest that the rainbow family has always been a little fucked up, but the rise of the GDF or Grateful Dead Family as a wannabe gang over the past decade or so and the widespread rise of wannabe gangsta culture innervating modern hippie culture as a whole, the whole thing has really turned to shit. i always heard creepy stuff about the elders aggressively trying to get young impressionable girls involved and a lot of trust fund money being thrown around in the woods, but this shit is the culmination i guess i was kind of secretly hoping for. lots of ex cons, meth, incognito pedophiles and other bad stuff going on there these days. there is even a splinter bath salt family called bliss family.

Holy shit. That sucks.

Hey Orcs, that cult leader my mom used to work with, the Native American who used to beat his wife, he was down with the Rainbow Family back in the day. I think I went on a rant about it in another Rainbow Family video here, and I know you enjoyed the last time I did that.
One of two spec scripts I'm currently working on is called and based on Death Camp, a group of feral rainbow children raised entirely within the gathering who tried to rebel in every way possible against their pacifist elders by doing things like digging spike pits and throwing firecrackers into the prayer circles

That's awesome.

I don't really care about the drama here, but recently a tribe or tribes up near Shasta (Northern California) banned Rainbow gatherings from some area they previously had access to. I didn't bother to read the details, but fully support the tribes.
Same here fuck rainbow

I'm glad I've lived my entire life totally unaware of any of the things this guy is talking about.
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