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Desc:All yours for ,600.00
Category:Military, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:pyro, napalm, flamethrower
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Comment count is 20
Let's play the "In what states is owning a flamethrower legal?" game!
If you're in California or Maryland, you need a permit.

Actually, in Maryland they're completely outlawed.

According to this, only California has a ban on them:

http://www.online-paralegal-programs.com/what-states-are-flame throwers-legal-in/

Also "Flamethrowers are an extremely fun and exciting weapon that can make any day a great time. "

So pay higher prices for everything or be more likely to be burned to death by a legally owned flame thrower

infinite zest
Jeez. I remember it was this very site that introduced me to Sword Proof and I immediately put in all my personal information to get the free DVD. And then I realized I just gave my address and phone number to swordsmen with the subtle intent to injure or kill. This is even worse than that!

What I really feel bad about is I never updated my address with the post office after I moved so some person I've never met could get a knock on the door for a chubby Samurai in a business shirt and khakis because they didn't respond to their free offers. :(

Yes, SolRo, people are constantly being burned to death by legally-owned flamethrowers. That is so true. I am now very scared and I hope the Bear Patrol can step in to save me from Big Flamethrower before it's too late.

You know where else flamethrowers are legal?


You know there they're banned?

Israeli-occupied Palestine.


"A country where the populace is oppressed and flame-throwers are plentiful and legal has never and will never exist." - Hitler

If you ban flame-throwers then only the criminals and the NSA will have them.

Jet Bin Fever
00 might be above Robert Ginty's price range these days.
The action-movie world's Larry Bird. Five scummy, hard-boiled vendetta stars for you.

The kids love this one.
Robin Kestrel
Paraphrasing the late great George Carlin:

"I'd like to set that guy on fire, but he's waaay over there. If only there were some way to 'throw' the flame at him."
I'll put some WD40 under high pressure in a modified bug sprayer tank/super-soaker thing.

Give me .6k.
Two Jar Slave
Do weapons really have 'teasers'? Is this new, or am I just out of touch?
Their primary market consists of scared boys trapped inside fleshy amalgamations of fat rolls, sexual insecurity and perceived entitlement.

They probably have midnight previews of upcoming cock compensators.

Holy fuck, five stars for oddeye's sweaty fantasies manifesting themselves in the form of overblown pretentious insult.

Case in point.

Adham Nu'man
Random shootings are about to get a lot more interesting.
Sanest Man Alive
Their "concealed-carry" flamethrower vid raises questions I never thought I wanted to ask.

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