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Desc:Fuck me, it's a Jack Chick comic come to life!
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:Hell house, LOL XTIANS
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Comment count is 9
Well whaddaya know, Hell IS other people!
All that repressed sexual energy and dominance and submission issues have got to get out somewhere..
Meatsack Jones
Hell is full of whiney ass, fat chicks.
Man, there should be more wailing and gnashing of teeth. These kids just aren't trying hard enough.
I thought hell was supposed to be ironic. Where are all of the gluttons getting gorged to death?
Why does Hell have so many damned rules before entry?
You should see the documentary. It's classic.
I totally know what the afterlife is like because I'm, y'know, alive.
We had one of these every year in my hometown. They really enjoy it when people show up drunk.
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