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Desc:Ho ho!
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:santa, comedy bang bang
Submitted:That guy
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Comment count is 18
Paul F. Tompkins, Lauren Lapkus, Andy Daly and Hot Saucerman.

You just can't go wrong.
infinite zest
Don't forget about Werner Herzog, he was there too and I saw him!

That donor guest in this episode wasn't too bad himself either.
This animation was exactly how I pictured this scene going when I heard this episode.

God, I want Paul F Tomkins to be my friend
infinite zest
Oh yeah, I keep forgetting it's a podcast. I've found that comedy podcasts are the best thing to help me sleep, but at this point I've gotten sick of Bill Burr doing play-by-play and screaming for some Patriots game that most people who don't even follow football know the outcome to.

I guess Tomkins was at some show I played in Los Angeles years ago, or at least that's what someone told me afterwords. I don't even think I'd recognize him he looks so good these days. He's like aged in reverse! He also did the majority of the downtime audience interactions for W/ Bob and David, which honestly I would've rather watched than the show itself.

infinite zest
(but F Is For Family is good)

The solution is don't listen to Bill Burr podcasts. WTF, Comedy Bang Bang, Spontaneanation, Serial and Welcome to Nightvale are my usual podcasts.

Burr....I don't care for him.

That guy
Yeah I think you're right that the PFT audience bits were probably better than the W Bob & David show.

Anything Auckerman's done that ends up on Funny or Die, however, is usually comedy cancer.

Though it's F or D so, that goes for just about everything uploaded there.

That guy
Auckerman is very hit or miss. He's great at hosting the podcast and his schtick works really well there.

Aukerman is a good foil to other, bigger personalities. He is a decent straight man with a few good goofy jags here and there, but not great solo. That's one reason I like the Comedy Bang Bang podcast much more than the IFC show.

Still, CBB is largely a Pual F Tomkins delivery system for me anyway. I literally can't get enough of that guy, I just want to live under his lapel.

I've only ever seen that show and I think it's great. Does this mean that if I listen to the podcast I'll be blown the fuck away, like when the first MST3K episode I ever saw was the movie with This Island Earth?

There are good and bad episodes. Comedy Bang Bang is a really inconsistanct podcast due to the nature of it. I'd give a recommendation to go into the back catalog and find something lime Time Bobby or an episode with Andy Daly or Gillian Jacobs or, as I've said, just about any with Paul F Tompkins.

It's no everyone's cup of tea. It's long form character improv and some people despise that sort of comedy (my roommate thinks it's the same as morning zoo, for example.)

That guy
It's almost always listenable, if not good. It's also pretty good for getting into new comedians. Give it a few tries, but assume that there's a chance that a particular episode won't be your style- this is almost always about the particular combination of guests not having chemistry, or one guest sucking, or somebody just not bringing their A game that day.

There are some long-running inside jokes, but after a while you either clue in on them, or look them up, or shrug them off. It's not exactly "long-form improv" all the way through because not everyone's in character, and some of the segments don't feature any characters at all. It's usually 1-2 guests as themselves plus 1-2 characters. Every now and then there's live music that usually isn't comedy music.

There's a fairly wide range of humor that leans away from really mean or dirty stuff, but there's enough mean/dirty humor that it doesn't get boring.
There's also a mix of deliberately dorky stuff in there, as part of the charm. So that's like a few dad jokes or popsicle stick jokes, or deliberate clunkers, anti-comedy etc. etc.
There's some meta-comedy without it getting obnoxious. It sometimes takes the form of the guests who aren't in character trying to puncture the constructed reality of the guests in character, if you know what I mean.

infinite zest
That's funny, I really don't like Maron. He just seems like kind of an aging hipster douchebag to me, like too many people I just sort of pretend to be friends with. And I can relate to that, I'm also an aging hipster douchebag, but the show is just like Seinfeld for hipsters, and the podcast is just him going off about how he knows this or that about everything and you don't.

Podcasts and shows are different thing, IZ. Maron's podcast is a super personal interview program, not really a comedy show.
Meant as a reply to IS, above

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