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Desc:well duh
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:video games, Japan, saved game
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Comment count is 7
Nominal - 2016-01-03
I'll trust that there was a great video there that I couldn't see because of my browser's javascript blocking.

The closest thing I did back then was make a tiny scratch in a certain spot on games I rented. When I went to rent them again, I would check and bug the clerk for a different one if it wasn't mine.

When I played my first rpg on the Playstation, I left the thing on for 48 hours until I could to the store and pick up a memory card.
badideasinaction - 2016-01-03
Only time I did something like that was save over every slot in Shadowrun for the Genesis so I could return the game and finish it the next weekend. That was a great game.

StanleyPain - 2016-01-03
I had a friend in high school who had a Turbo Grafx 16 and for some reason was obsessed with keeping his high-score game of Devil's Crush active so he literally just left the TG16 on for years.
Oktay - 2016-01-03
This box had been on for at least 2 years when the Frogger episode aired. Make of that what you will.
That guy - 2016-01-03
This is an Onion article that's already 3/4th written for them.
Rosebeekee - 2016-01-03
Actually a bit surprised that it was a Japanese guy and not an American.
Sanest Man Alive - 2016-01-04
One WEIRD TRICK for keeping your high score in any video game!

+2 only because Umihara Kawase is that great.
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