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Desc:IRL Dwarf Fortress
Category:Science & Technology, Religious
Tags:ethiopia, unesco, Lalibela
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Comment count is 7
Binro the Heretic
I lost so many dwarfs when their fellow dwarves mined floors out from under them.
Robin Kestrel
I did it all by myself, with some help from angels.
That guy
It's not good enough that they're awesome. They also have to be a 'mystery' I guess.
ancient asstronauts.
Sorry, but when I hear that voice now I can't think of anything but goanimate. I blame you guys.

"These incredible churches were made by an ancient people but they did it in the wrong way so they were grounded for 91819283912123456789 years."

There are lots of videos I thought were interesting but didn't submit due to it using the machine voices that schizophrenics have Pavlov'd us all into believing automatically indicates insanity. I really don't like the trend in artificial voices in informational videos, and I can't make myself listen to them without doubting every word. I think that's a unique to the poeTV ecosystem reaction.

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