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Desc:It features sexy babes and dangerous hardware.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:guns, 90s, USA, white people, these tags suck
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Comment count is 14
Wasn't Tarantino a fan of this one? Or am I mixing him up with someone else?
Probably. There is a pretty spot on parody of this in Jackie Brown as the video Ordell shows Louis to teach about his gun-running business.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I think it makes an appearance in "Jackie Brown," if memory serves.

Born in the RSR
So that one bit in Jackie Brown wasn't done for the movie, it was actually one of these videos?

it was done for the movie. check the resub hopper for "chicks with guns"

I think it's actually an earlier one from the late 80s, I saw a clip from it in the related videos for one.

Not the one in Jackie Brown but the one that looks exactly the same.

"Rock N Roll Machine Gun Bimbos"

But actually, I think this submission is closer to the Jackie Brown one after all.


at around 24:30 you get to meet the director. he's a total dork and clearly has a tiny penis.
Corpus Delectable
"It features sexy babes and dangerous hardware."

There are machine guns, too.
I see what you did there. You monster.

If I'm ever in a foreign land, and a foreigner asks me what America is all about, I'll have to show them this video.
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