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Desc:Reminds me of here.
Category:Military, Pets & Animals
Tags:hornet, war, decapitation
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Comment count is 16
Pure, uncut nightmare fuel.

Relevant: My 2010 eLesson on how much I hate wasps: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=86680
Close ups of wasps and hornets also make me ill at ease. Bumble bees are cool.

Very helpful lesson, thank you

@Cena - These guys in particular really are unsettling to stare at.

Bumble bees are lame.

Wasps and hornets are cool, though. Wasps are a little more awesome, hornets a little more radical, but both are better than bumble bees.

One of my all time favorite videos, I actually feel bad it only has 11,000 views.

Emily Dickinson wrote,
"Of Nature I shall have enough
When I have entered these
Entitled to a Bumble bee’s
She knew how awesome bumblebees are. Also she's like Fluttershy.

What are you talking about? Bees are assholes. Fluttershy herself had to put her hoof down on them, to stop them from murdering the Breezies.

If Emily Dickinson was like Fluttershy, she'd give those damn bumblebees a good Stare and send them all packing.

Potrod: I'll go viral... one day...

Rodents of Unusual Size
They look like they are wearing little metal robot masks.

Bumblebees are cool. You can pet them without fear of buzzing stingy death.

Oh, I see. That's why you dorks are marking for bumblebees! You just want to be able to cuddle-rape without repercussion.

You're intimidated by strong, independent hymenoptera. Instead, you want pliant, helpless, cuddle-rape victims, to have your pet-y way with.

Yeah like you wouldn't cuddle-rape Fluttershy if given the chance.

That's different. She's totally asking for it.

* 1 ghost star for homer's manchild ramblings about pony's he'd like to fuck

Five for flying dinosaur ants.

I wish someone would make a synthetic Werner Herzog voice to say random batshit crazy things over videos, I'm tired of the second rate word salad that gets slapped on this stuff.
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