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Desc:Some of my fave FW vids involve reviews of garbage weapons designed by idiots.
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:Shotgun, Forgotten Weapons, Cobray, slam fire, single shot
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Comment count is 15
M-DEEM - 2017-01-05
-Love this channel
-Love the nerd-ass intro music
-This shotgun is STUPID. This is a shotgun you make in your basement. It is an overpriced zip gun.

bawbag - 2017-01-05
He's definitely one of the most entertaining/least annoying gun guys on youtube: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=157808&what=VOTING

The Mothership - 2017-01-05
I know very little about guns, and even I can tell that this gun is useless.
15th - 2017-01-05
My thoughts exactly. You can practically feel his disdain when he's struggling to open the bolt thingy.

Born in the RSR - 2017-01-05
Maybe one of our resident gun-nerds could explain how exactly you could mod this into something that isn't useless.

M-DEEM - 2017-01-05
Happy to help. What you do is melt it completely down and pour it into a SPAS 12 shaped mold, because even a spas shaped boat anchor is more useful and threatening

GravidWithHate - 2017-01-05
Born in the RSR: Sell it at auction, use the money to buy a decent gun.

I'm not an expert, but the fundamental issue is that it's single shot, meaning you're going to need to redesign the receiver, bolt, and probably the trigger group to include a magazine and feed mechanism to make it even roughly equivalent to a pump action shotgun. This is before you get into the changes you'd need to make it somewhat comfortable to use.

Also, since this got me thinking about PoeTV and shotguns:


This seems like a good one.

And since that got me thinking about my own mortality and our inevitable shared march to death, of the users who commented on that now 10 year old video:

Suspended: 14.81%
Active In Last Month: 29.63%
Active In Last Year: 11.11%
Active In Last Two Years: 3.70%
Active In Last 5 Years: 14.81%
No Activity in Last 5 years: 25.93%

Which is a) way more suspensions than I was expecting and b) way more people who have been active for ten years than I was expecting.

The Mothership - 2017-01-06
skeet skeet skeet!

Killer Joe - 2017-01-07
So the entire barrel moves when you shoot? Is that right?

SixDigitDebt - 2017-01-05
I'd buy it if only for it being a unique sort of design.
Gmork - 2017-01-06
That's a wall-piece you can be absolutely sure will never be used against you by an intruder. Except, perhaps, as a bludgeon.

Monkey Napoleon - 2017-01-05
He's made videos on all the other firearms made by this company that he mentions at the beginning.

The "Lady's Home Companion" is particularly excellent. It's a pistol version of the Street Sweeper, a poorly designed riot control shotgun.... because when you think of a home defense weapon for ladies, you think of a shotgun pistol with a 12 round drum magazine.
Maggot Brain - 2017-01-05
I was surprised that "Lady's Home Companion" wasn't just a pink Street Sweeper. Fun Fact about Cobray, their guns were designed by a husband and wife team.

Oscar Wildcat - 2017-01-05
How is it possible this company isn't wildly popular? These ideas are like heroin for 'muricans. ( I mean, besides actual heroin ).

somedongus - 2017-01-05
Well, they named it "The Street Sweeper". People didn't really have a fully developed sense of irony back then, and the thought that you were supposed to actually use it to, you know, SWEEP HUMAN GARBAGE off of the street. It was a different time. So the powers that be had that gun classified as what is known as a DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE, which basically means that it has no non-murderous purpose whatsoever. Here is the copy paste from Wiki.

"The definition of a "destructive device" is found in 26 U.S.C. ยง 5845(f). The definition reads as follows:

(1) any explosive, incendiary, or poison gas, (A) bomb, (B) grenade, (C) rocket having a propellant charge of more than 4 ounces, (D) missile having an explosive charge of more than 1/4 ounce, (E) mine or (F) similar device.

(2) Any weapon by whatever name known which will, or which may be readily converted to, expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant, the barrel or barrels of which have a bore of more than one-half inch in diameter (.50 inches or 12.7 mm), except a shotgun or shotgun shell which the Secretary finds is generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes; and

(3) Any combination of parts either designed or intended for use in converting any device into a destructive device as defined in subparagraphs (1) and (2) and from which a destructive device may be readily assembled.

The term destructive device shall not include any device which is neither designed nor redesigned for use as a weapon; any device, although originally designed for use as a weapon, which is redesigned for use as a signaling, pyrotechnic, line throwing, safety or similar device; surplus ordnance sold, loaned or given by the Secretary of the Army, pursuant to the provisions of section 4684(2), 4685, or 4686 of Title 10 of the United States Code; or any other device the Secretary finds is not likely to be used as a weapon, or is an antique or is a rifle which the owner intends to use solely for sporting purpose"

Funny thing though. The Ladies Home Companion is basically the EXACT same gun only modified to fire .45-70 GOVT rifle cartridges. Only difference besides that is no shoulder stock or front grip, so it it now a PISTOL and not a shotgun or rifle and thus totally fine and legal and sporting, this despite the fact that 45-70 is potentially wayyy more devastating to living creatures than 12 gauge. I mean they'll both kill you but the size of the hole from 45-70 would be particularly impressive. I wish there was video of him actually shooting the sucker cause I can only imagine that the thing would kick like a sum'bitch.

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